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To provide insights that can impact your business's growth with your host angelo ponzi. Manjula pasi your host here at the business growth cafe and i want to thank you for joining us through this very special podcast that we're going to have here. We have a lineup of guests on very excited broad-brush of people to kinda share their thoughts about going into two thousand and twenty one but more importantly we wanna see wider grateful when you hear about something positive in their life now. Two thousand twenty. I've heard it over and over and over again. I can't wait until it's over. Oh my god please two thousand and twenty one and we're all waiting for that. We're on countdown. We've probably only have a few weeks left in this year. Everybody is hurting. We know that do the coded. It could be loss of income could be. You've lost your job. Isolation disconnected from people. And frankly he just wanted to find somebody that you can give up onto. We know this you know this. We've all experienced this but today we're gonna talk about not the hurt but the healing we wanna talk about the power of positively. What lies behind us. What lies in front of us is tiny in comparison about what lies within us and we want to bring that out today to make sure that you can be uplifted and feel and understand how you can be grateful how you can look in this dark and find a little bit of light and we want to explore that light. We want to make sure that we bring that to bear today and so today is about. What can we be grateful for. What light can we find. That helps us. Think about the positivity at not just the negativity and so today. I'm going to start off by telling you what i'm grateful for. And that's my co host elaine. Korry who's joining me here today to help me guide you through this. Podcast are multiple guests lining. Thank you for joining me. Yeah thank you for having co host. I'm i'm really excited about this show because at like you have said this year has been absolutely not just last week. I felt like. I finally took a deep breath and in caves to like not being strong like this year has been so so tough looking back like we made it all this way took a deep breath you know like for me personally took some recognition of you put on a smile and a good face this whole entire year a now. It's time to have a big cry about it and then look forward. Look forward to next year but giving you know giving all of us should give ourselves some grayson ever that we've been through so far and and then you know everything to look forward to in the future some excited to talk to everybody about that too and all the cool things that they've been doing What they're grateful for for this year in the coming year it's hard to find sometimes when you're you're mired in the muck so to speak that to find that something that's positive in to really understand that we're all experience if i've heard this you've heard this a thousand times. We're all in this together. That's great but when you're in it you don't think about all the other people right. We think about ourselves and really. It's about being empathetic and understanding that it doesn't take much to share a little bit of hope and guidance and empathy to help someone rise above and kind of get out of this and that's what i hope we achieved today in. There's there's always something in all of the craziness. And know. I i look at you. And you've been inspirational the sense that you've taken a little bit advantage at least from my perspective as you've been able to work anywhere and therefore you have gotten in some extra travel in seeing this great country of ours and working remotely. It's want you talk a little bit about that. What inspired you to do that. Yeah you know. I've always wanted this. Mrs eventually be remote. And i thought that would be five years from now but we all know what happened in march and we all went fully remote.

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