NFL flexes Washington-Panthers to keep intrigue in Cowboys-Eagles


Let's start with. The panthers and washington got moved to four zero five because they do not want the philadelphia eagles and the dallas cowboys to know that they've been eliminated if washington wins. They want the eagles and cowboys to still believe that. There's a chance dominated a chance during that game. So what do you got for. Washington carolina while for fantasy purposes It's well we're going to have to see who washington's quarterback is this week although rate before we got on on the podcasts. Here there was a situation involving dwayne haskins. Where their post on social media of of haskins Getting swag on at a at a strip club without a mask on look believe me. I know that there are Those are establishments where clothing is optional. but in the nfl masks are not right now. So washington is not going to be very happy about dwayne haskins. I think it was Tom pal sarab. Nfl network reporting that the team is handling that internally not happy. I'm sure. I think they want alex smith back this week. Anyway against carolina that would raise the ceiling of this offense. I'm still not one hundred percent. I as a matter of fact. I'm not confident at all antonio gibson playing this game turf toe is very painful so that should mean a big role for jd. Mckissic once again had a huge fantasy game last week against seattle. It was nice to see terri mclaren. Come alive in that game. A little bit with dwayne haskins at quarterback too good matchup against carolina. I would use him as a wide receiver. Three and over last month of the season only two tight end. Travis kelsey and darren waller have been targeted more have caught more passes and scored more fantasy points than logan thomas. He is a tight end. One now against the carolina panthers and i think everything would look better for washington if alex smith can play quarterback.

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