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Saudi led coalition in yemen once again attempts to unify the israeli knesset dissolves leading the country into new elections a new strain of covid nineteen and the president of leg. It's fine thirty five hundred dollars for not wearing a mask. This is the world at large. We are politics one thousand and one. Thank you for tuning into this episode of the world at large. This show is free for everyone and to keep it that way. Consider supporting us. Through the link in our description you can support us by leaving a review subscribing and sharing with a friend as well now without further. Ado please enjoy this. Episode of our podcast. Hello everybody welcome to another episode of the world at large josh. You know is the most wonderful time of year and you know what that is. Oh i have an idea of. Why is it because it's christmas coming up. No it's because this marks the end of our first year doing this podcast to that's pretty cool. That's true i any. I didn't even think of that. But thank you guys. If you've been listening entire timing. I mean that's only happened. We really really appreciate when you guys. Listen to this. Podcast sappy on me. Now get into yemen gay-pied of so yemen. I'm going to be talking about yemen today. And i'm gonna be doing something a little bit unique in that is going to be doing a huge dive into kind of the background knowledge. Because i find that it's a lot easier to understand the situation going on in the country when you have understand the geopolitical landscape and yemen. Oh my god they. They just love their geopolitical problems. Because everyone has their own political party they all have their own agendas. Every coalition is fighting a civil war within their own coalition and. Yeah i mean it's it's actually very very intense. So that's i'm going to try to clear that up. There is news of course and that is that the new cabinet has been formed in the government. And this is a really big deal. Because the southern transitional council into the internationally recognized government led by president. Abed rabbo months or haughty. He's the internationally recognized president they actually formed a coalition and they're also in a coalition against the who fy rebels. so why are they forming. A coalition of there are already in a coalition. Well that's why it's a big deal because a broke down in doesn't really work So that's a big deal. But i'm going to kind of explain the background of where why we lead up to this point. What's going on all the tensions because it's important to have this knowledge going forward. It's important for you guys to understand what's going on an expectation that i will have that you guys know the knowledge a little bit in the future. Because it'll just be easier for me to go dive into topics when i need to. We'll be having a test next wednesday next. Yes exactly so pay attention. I think it's it's taking notes. Yeah if you're driving take notes. Okay get into it all right. So let's go ahead. So both of these groups are in a coalition against hutu rebels backed by iran and again both of these groups are some transitional council also known as the stc and president hadi's government who is the internationally recognized government that is supposed to be located in yemen. But it's not right now and they are in a coalition against the hutu rebels. Which again are backed by iranian government. However there's been a lot of infighting within that coalition that coalition again being. Stc haughty so ever since the capital of saana which the capital of yemen. It's not it depends on who you're asking what. The actual capital of yemen is the internationally recognized capital of is to not in that city fell in twenty fourteen to the rebels. Battle of It's on wikipedia. Really goes into a lot of detail. It's quite interesting but to sum it up these one. They took the city of sonata from the government. And that it. At the time that was controlled by president hadid internationally recognized president at that that would just shifted the power balance completely because all of a sudden the the central government of yemen base from which to operate from who did while the government in the south of the port city of a wishes one of the more wealthy urban hubs in yemen. Um to has one of the lowest poverty rates in the country by. That's kind of where the balance for the the power balance for the coalition shifted. Because you had these rebels. And you had the southern transitional council you had the president haughty and they got along kinda but they. They both agreed. Stc and hoti Who these were bad. We do not like iran and so when santa fell all the sudden audie was kind of like. Oh well i don't really have my capital anymore in so in that same year. The southern transitional council or again the stc declared independence from the government. I'm so before. They were kind of just had they operated mainly within the city of aden in the south and they kind of just stayed there but after off. They're like well look at this. Look we can just kind of do what we want now. We he's gone. He's no longer in power and so they had their own. They had their own party and they declare independence and they center the place governor again around the port city of aden in a forcibly exiled the internationally recognized government of present haughty so haughty senate fell. He's like oh transitional council. I just love you so much. You're my friends. Just let me and give gimme a nice room to run the country from or like. Yeah haughty no. You can go have fun in saudi arabia. And so they kicked him out in hoti fled to riyadh saudi arabia. Flattery could get you anywhere. Yeah so now. He's in the he's still. There is still in riyadh into last year in two thousand nineteen as an effort to counter the increasingly powerful militias power sharing agreement was signed between the stc in president haughty but it was not held up as well as expected because Since high he does not want the southern and wealthier part of yemen. To secede from the war-torn country. His haughty has a thing where he wants him to be united around the city of soon. That's his capital and he likes that he likes you together. The southern transitional council again declared independence. They want to go back to. What was there in the soviet union where you had the northern more conservative yemeni state in the southern part of yemen was communist ally. The soviet union in the sec does not necessarily want communism but they want a more secular state.

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