How to Deliver a 7-Star Experience for Clients

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So just to give people like a story so for me. Whenever i'm at the four seasons the thing i love about it is i can take out my phone and order shifts guacamole and all this stuff and it just shows up to the room. I don't need to interact with anybody. Wanna talk to anybody. The food just appears right and sometimes go above and beyond they'll give me like a fruit basket the put some wine and all that cool stuff right. That's going a little above and beyond mr sue. Can i help you with this. Just a little bit right. Like not calling me. Neil or not. Eric reid is mr sue and say that feels like so professional and everything looks really nice tidy. Let's talk about seven star experience. Because i got this concept from airbnb and you know seven star. We're talking about just to give you an example. Let's say neil stays at a hotel and neil. Who's like your favorite band or was your favorite brand Experienced story let's do that. Let's do that. I can't so. I used to live at the mandarin oriental and las vegas There for many many years. I need someone who also lived there find from vegas to los angeles in los angeles during international when they arrived in los angeles. They already have their connection flight. They forgot their passports. Passport was in vegas so they call the cons. Here's the concierge. Had one of the door. People go into their place get their pastor. They told them where it was literally hopped on a plane delivered to him in lax. Straight up games like even crazier okay. So seven star or even nine star would be like. Let's say your favourite dj in your room. Mike spinning or something like that. They roll out the red carpet. Your favorite foods waiting right there. Maybe it's imported from europe or something. They just fluid in right. That is seven star. But i think if you want to think about how this five seven nine star experience you have to outline what three stars five stars looks like and you have to think about okay. How do i go above and beyond to make it a seven. How do i have to go above and beyond for the next one right. And that's the key. Eric just mentioned you had to go above and beyond. I remember talking to a client one time and they hurt us to grow their s traffic. When we're doing a good job vessel. Traffic was growing not as fast as one. But it never as fast as i want and as we're growing at on the phone with founder. Hey i don't want overstep my boundaries. But you know my team can cover the seo stuff separately after this call and they will. And i'm like. I will not do something different on this call. That just really ran on like just hear me out. And let's just go along with it and tell me what happens after thirty days in there like okay so i ended up breaking out on the phone everything that was wrong with their website when it came to conversion rate optimization standpoint and have contract. I'm like look you're trying to get resolved to your start your shot for cash. Who cares what's in your contract. I'm just gonna tell you right now. High-protein going implement this six things that are going to boost your conversion Really want you to implement the minority. And i went down through that list. They did and then within a month and a half to two months because it took him a little bit longer to get it out their conversion rate went up a bit more than thirty percent at that point business much more profitable. There were happy as your trackable much more profitable and they're like thank you. You'd have to like what we owe you. Nothing unlike your businesses wasn't gonna grow as you want it because it was really messed up on. The conversion asks a wanted to fix that i and they were happy and to me that's going above and beyond where i didn't have to. Yeah and those of you that might be wondering okay

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