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Beyond hello everyone. My name is jonathan dornbush and this is not podcast beyond this is just checking in in the final week of twenty twenty to let you know. As i mentioned at the end of last week there is no regular episode. For this week we took it off. Everyone's getting some much needed rest and much deserved arrest We'll be back next week with new episode. I'm sure just all the playstation news hit in the first three or four days of the year. You know that's how know we'll have plenty to talk about. Regardless of how much news there is. of course. There was a playstation plus for january announced maneater for ps five shouted the tomb raider and greet fall. If you didn't see that there you go. There's some news free. It's like a mini mini news. Crunch there. I wish i had the sound effect on my computer. I can't play it. I wish i could tell him but anyway. Thank you all for all your support this year. I just wanted to check in before the end of the year. One to mention of course that there is no episode this week but you can go on our bloodborne. Let's play the first episode which recorded in the before times. We were waiting record episode too because in those before times and right when everything was happening at the beginning of this year we were like yeah this. This'll be fine. We'll be back in the studio in two months. Nothing to worry about. We'll record the show. It'll be great. Obviously that didn't happen We didn't record another episode but we we are trying to figure out how to continue it in twenty twenty one even if it is remote but as a thank you for all your support this year in such a turbulent. We wanted to put it out there. Because it's a really really fun episode to please go check it out if you can. If you need our of wacky. Nece as i learned to play bloodborne it was the first time i played mort. If you've been watching me a stream recently you may have seen me putting demon's souls but this was my first real you know getting into a cels born So i don't wanna spoil the experience. But i want to just go say it's a nigerian dot com and youtube.com/ignbeyond if you hear the horn outside i'm sorry this is the realities of according this at home but anyway That's out there for you to Go watch it is really really fun. I can't recommend it enough even watching it back someone who lived through it. It's a really really Well cut Condense down version of that three or four hours in the room. But it's a really really great package. read our producer beyond edited that as well and it came out really well. I'm very excited for it to be out there. So it's out there now as you're listening to this go check it out. Go watch it a rebel in my maybe good game play. You'll have to watch the find out. I'm not going to spoil it but anyway just wanted to mention that and to also say thank you for all your sports are clear my throat before i get into my my savviness. Thank you for all your support this year. Thank you for watching or listening For writing in for writing in your memory cub stories writing in questions. For whatever you've done in any way silently or outlawed support the show it means so much to us because we love making the show we make it for you and we hope it's been a good show and i think it's been a really good year for the show in spite of everything around it. I think we've had really great discussions about playstation and the industry around it. I think we've had fantastic guests who only made the show better. I think anytime. We're able to corral the main cast together. I know it's it's been spotty this year. But i think any time we've been able to spend some her best episodes easily It's been a really really great year for the show that i look forward to every week Because it's it's always at least for all of us when we record you know. Were able to put aside sort of everything else going on and just talk about playstation for an hour and that's been really really fun so thank you for letting us do that. Thank you for supporting the show. And allowing it to be this fund. Amazing thing during such a crazy year And for such so packed with playstation stuff to discuss even if it started off a little quieter there It was it was so fun to the show this year. And i'm so excited to continue doing it in twenty twenty one whether it's figuring out how to make the blood let's play continue or just all the other stuff lots to talk about their big games announced and so much stuff we probably don't even know about so it's going to be a really really fun for the show that i'm looking forward to And i can't thank you all enough for supporting the show for being kind and good people and yeah just just thank you it. It means so much to be able to do the show. I know i say that all the time but it really really does so. Thank you for letting us continue to do it. I won't go on any longer. I won't belabor the point but just wanted to say thank you for all of your support this year can't wait to continue the show next year Which is a day or two away at this point. I can't wait to continue the show next year and for all the fun. Exciting subjects will have to talk about in two thousand twenty one. It's going to be such a blast So at that. I will leave you. I will say. I hope you're safe. I hope you're well. I can't wait to continue beyond twenty twenty one Please be good to another. Please be kind. Stay safe And as always beyond.

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