Seattle weighs 'poverty defense' for most misdemeanor crimes


Heading of no limiting principle when it comes to spending money. Or, uh, creating permissive laws. This one's of Butte. This is from the People's Republic of Seattle. Uh, you remember Seattle with all the ant if a riot riots and Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, This is in the hyper progressive northwest of the United States. And these two population centers, these two cities, a city councils and mayors, along with governors at the state level that are they're all Bernie Brose when it comes to ideology. Here's a bill that they've been discussing. I don't know if it's passed yet or if it's been defeated yet, but they want to pass a law. That will allow thieves. To sell items they've stolen. If they do it to earn money for basic needs, with no legal consequences. No criminal law consequences not for the theft or selling stolen goods. Also trespassers. And set up camps on private property. Not on sidewalks now. Private property like your backyard, for example, when it is to obtain adequate cell choose shelter. And any trespassing laws that would affect those people wouldn't apply. Dozens of other crimes, including assault and harassment, would be excused under this idiotic measure if suspects were poor, mentally ill or addicted to drugs. So if you're if you're not addicted Tonto drugs and you're not poor enough on you can't get certification of your mentally ill. All you have to do qualify has become addicted to drugs, and then you can go steal and trespassed at will. They're calling it the poverty defense. And it will allow municipal court judges to dismiss a multitude of crimes if poverty, mental illness or substance abuse disorders drove the perpetrator to commit. Them. The force behind this is a radical left wing organization called de Criminalized Seattle that opposes policing and the entire criminal legal system. That group is also called for defunding the Seattle police Department by at least 50% and reallocating the funds to community led health and safety systems. It also demands release of protesters arrested during recent violent uprisings without charges. Even if they set fires to police car destroyed public or private property. An organizer with the decriminalized Seattle outfit. Identified is one of the laws, catalysts says. What we've already known is that the misdemeanor system is basically assistant of cycling people in poverty through municipal court over and over again without meeting their basic needs. Remember

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