Marshfield vaccination site, SE of Boston, reopens after shipment delays, bad weather


Vaccination site site at at the the town's town's fairgrounds fairgrounds back back up up and and running running yesterday yesterday after after shipment shipment delays delays and and some some bad bad weather. weather. WBC's WBC's Mike Mike Macklin Macklin spoke spoke with with town town officials officials about about their their effort. effort. They're They're back back in in business business and and March March field field after after a a vaccine vaccine supply supply shortage. shortage. First First the the vaccination vaccination clinic clinic at at the the town's town's fairgrounds fairgrounds to to shut shut down. down. Town Town administrator administrator Mike Moresco says a shipment of the vaccine arrived on Friday in 2020, half minutes. We filled 1170 slots divided between society and Monday after that, the town hopes to get another vaccine shipment Tuesday or Wednesday. Otherwise, it could be looking at another frustrating shutdown of the vaccine clinic like

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