A highlight from Episode 65 - GUESTS Daisy and Chrissy - Junior Giants, Chicken Tenders and Talent Show


We just wrapped up with daisy in chrissy from the junior giants. They came on. They talked all about the junior giants program. How they love the giants and we even talked about a little bit of ballpark food. There oracle park and around. They are chicken tender experts or so. They say they talk about. What's the proper breading. how should it be cooked. And how much chicken should be inside with at all about him. Including what scooby doo character they are. What's the perfect ratio for trail. Mix and are you flying driving or taking the train. we also went deep into are grab bag. Answer some weird questions since week which spice girl you've taken with us that the pirate question elway the pirate question all right. We'll stick around for this episode. It was a

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