Michael Friend Advocates For Diversity In CRISPR



Can you talk about what that role endangered so as a minority being part of minority coalition. How does that actually would say you're planning. Events are one out of the types of responsibilities. you're kind of involved in shore. What for chris. Carr my role on is on of the committee and really is to help develop strong. And broad foot trenton. Targeted monastic communities by by really joe trying to facilitate interactions with community based organizations to include aftermarket universities. Darkly restore cabrera colleges. Hvac us that had a very long standing history of mistrust to some extent. And so i kind of summit up just to really increase bernardi representation in these conversations around christopher and engagement with a very strong focus on making sure we have diverse forces some of our listeners. Who may not know exactly. What could a split on this. Can you just in a few lines. Dealers about guzman on absolutely or christopher is is an organization that really focused on the compensation crispin and they do it from the perspective where they're not be. The four or guest technology did not pro con but to really have conversations as it relates to this technology in house being utilized many ways and the benefits and risks down a bowl and started out by uc berkeley in conversations. There which later a year after moved to boston and she'll hope these. These conversations are kind of women around the country at really sparing Lotta interests around. Christopher and i can say that they've been very diverse voices after just faded indiscretions discussions. That's a very interesting role in vegas to learn more about your experiences by doing this. Just one question before that. How did you get into you. Know the crisper fields specifically was your background and christopher. How did that come to be that. You are involved in organized crisper con is. It's all started. President obama launch of the precision medicine issue which was pm. I in two thousand fifteen. I was invited to be a part of that much and that pm. I initiative is a multi year multi million on effort that was developed to keach around creating a diverse cohort to trutv by disease treatment for all but that program is currently known as all of us program and so from that launch. I started the minority coalition for position mets. So you're speaking under the bit of audio experiences. As an event organizer being part of that rising committee on crisper con- you had mentioned that when pulling together some event it was really impossible for you to find black researchers in the area. So could you elaborate more on the garden. Status stakes are the neck of diversity that you are seeing in the field. Well just to be honest. You know this is that i think at this point is kinda shameful in subsets. Your article article that you've written highlighting some of top companies in fear. Know as you look at even these compromises need couples this leading the work around crisper. You can see most senior today. Shes clearly the lack of diversity that so evident in these companies. And i think what is sometimes hurtful. Is that in this crisper in some ways to successive crisper. Really an johnny outcome A black disease sickle cell disease which is driving an has driven a lot of interest at of course financial investments. And so i would say at this point. It's not looking very good chance of diversity

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