Jumper Jenga, Bearded Bear Bro's, Snow Plough Bro's, fetish face mask, perfect scrubbing, form a queue! - burst 5


So i've had a little field trip now to right by my closet and we going to have an play. A game of jump jenga now as i said earlier jumpers in the uk Sweaters so You know normally like a baby grow anything like that. I didn't go around in baker at one sees or anything along those lines. Well only at the weekends. Perhaps so what i'm gonna do is. I'm going to take a sweater jumper from the bottom of the pilot. Stack tab and then move it to the top. As in the game of jenga and whichever sweater makes the whole house of god's tumble is going to be the one that i'm going to donate to get sweats. I go probably two hundred sweaters. So here we go. We're going to pay a lovely two game all the jump agenda and we do have to

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