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Theme of this series. Is what every growing christian needs to know. And as i've said before these are certain truths that every believer needs to been play in their life no matter if they're brand new christian or if they've known the lord for decades certain things that you never move beyond certain things. You never outgrow if you want to make progress as a christian so let's quickly review what we've seen in then we'll dig into our topic but for us number one. If you wanna be a growing christian you must read study and love. God's word joshua one eight says this book of the law shall not depart from your mouth meditate in it dan night jimmy observed do according to all that is written in it. And then you'll have good success. The wise men of psalm. One that happy man of him. It says happy as them end. That doesn't walk in the counsel of the ungodly or stand in the way of centers or sit in the seat of this cart full. His delight is in the law of the lord or we could just as easily say the word of god in it does imeditate day and night number two. If you want to be a growing christian you need to have a prayer life. The bible tells us that we are to pray without ceasing. For this is the will of god and jesus christ concerning you. I mean it's great to have a time of prayer in your day somewhere but it's also a great thing to understand that you can pray anywhere anytime in any posture so we need to be an attitude of prayer number three. If you want to be growing christian you must be actively involved in the church. You're just not going to make it as a solo christian. I remember after. I became a believer. I wasn't really sure if i wanted to go to church and i said to couple of my friends. I think i'm just gonna do this all on my own. It just like me. And god. But i found a pretty quickly that i needed other christians in my life and as you mature you'll find that other christians need jew as well. Listen you need the church and the church needs you. And the bible commends us to go to church and not just to attend but to be a functioning part of it. Hebrews ten twenty five says. Let's consider one another to each other up to love and good works not for sankey in the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some is but rather exhorting encouraging one another it so much more as we see the day of the lord approaching. So let's say you're doing all of these things but you don't see much change in your life. well listen. it takes time to grow. Spiritually doesn't happen overnight if you were to pull up a chair in front of a peach tree and just full drums and stare at the peach and you could sit there for a weekend. Say there has been no growth whatsoever but if someone were to come and visit that tree one week and come back a week later or two weeks later they would notice the growth. Sometimes when you're up close and personal you don't see it sometimes in your own life you might say you know. I don't see that much growth in my life. As a follower of christ changed that much but sometimes the best way to find out. If you're growing spiritually as well if you're married oscar spouse they'll tell you or even people that are closed they'll say you know what i've actually seen changes in you. You're not the same person used to be but it does take time and some people grow faster than other people or so. It would seem but just being patient. It takes time to grow spiritually. But then sometimes when you're doing all the right things you may come to a moment in your life where you don't feel god's presence like you did at first some of the passengers from our church and i were out at lunch Just the other day and and this server is way did on a number of times. She's very nice chit chat with her and and usually just kind of like conversation and so she brought her limit. She said i have a serious question for you. Guys we city uh she said what other service times if your church and we said whether eight ten and twelve months and she said good. Because i'm coming to church this sunday. I'm gonna commit my life to jesus. And i said to her no. You're not coming to do it. Sunday. you're doing it right here right now and she slapped me across the face. No she didn't do that. Which is anyone by the way. But i really don't prompted by the holy spirit to do that. That said you're doing it right here right now. She says here. I said absolutely right. Here let's pray all the prayer and she just bowed her head and prayed and committed her life to christ was so fantastic and and after she preseason feel better. I feel different. I said so. Now come to church sunday as a newly committed christian. But that's a wonderful thing that does happen when we come to. Christ there often our emotions connected to it. Could paul how many of you had kind of an emotional experience when you pray in jesus to come nearly frigeri hand up game. How many of you did not have an emotional experience. Raise your hand investigate you. By the way you're second class citizens category number two because to the point. I got no emotional response when i prayed in christ and because of that i can colluded. It must not have worked for me. But of course fortunately i realized later. It wasn't about my emotion. There was about eight than what the word of god says and so forth. But of course over the months after i started having wonderful emotional response and you would come to church and you would feel god's presence in such a tangible way and i remember that some of the christian said great. Be careful you're going to go through trials. And i said what a minute going trial. No you're going to go through. Trials are trials you go through times of testing or you may not feel the presence of god and that's what i want to talk about in this message. Why does god allow christians to go through trials and testing. I mean it happens to all of us. Things are going along wonderfully and suddenly without warning or so with seen one problem after another comes tumbling into our life things are looking bleak. And then the cloud just sorta pardon. The sun shines again. Everything's better. why do we go through those hard times. Why did we go through those emotional lows. Why do we go to those days of difficulty. Why did these things happen to was answer. I have no idea good night. And god bless well. The bible has a lot to say about it. And that's what we're gonna look at now. James chapter one. We're going to talk about this for many verses disappear anchor text. We're going to read two to four my brothers james. Count it all joy when you follow the various trials knowing that the test of your faith produces patience but let patients have perfect work in you that you'd be maybe tour lacking nothing okay. So we wonder why is this happening. What have i done to deserve such a fate. I have a grandson christopher. He's three years old now. You know what. His favorite word is why. Everything is why with christopher. Don't climb up there. Why well because if you climbed up you could fall why we'll probably because you lost your grip and we don't want that to happen. Why because we look. Why why everything's y you know and we realized after a

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