Gaming Fixx Live Ep#53 01/20/21 An Elephant Meanders - burst 17


Have to be doing things they're doing right. Exactly yeah i i would agree that the general stance on one note characters is that they're not too great for story and absurdist nature of a service wrath or video game in general can allow for one note characters to pull off roles that they're still oftentimes most off and when no characters are still an bad for store. Look i can think of games i like. I like that are our ps. It's still have like a one. No character like i don't know what garland's deal is. I know that garlan is upset. I know he didn't. You know jen's to become the super god and i still don't really know why or what he was thinking because it's not really in the game. Yeah it's stuff like that is i. Don't wanna say answer larry. There's another word word for it But it's extra basically like you can read into picks if you really want to and there is some like i think they're the final hands ultimate menia books which have stuff from the development interviews with people that made it you know all all the little facets of the game and stuff but it's not necessarily there initially in your up right and like that's kind of where you you know where you interpret things in the game when you're playing the game not Do books that you're reading after you know not playing the so just say it's like it's it's definitely you know when you look at some of those that are even though the gold standard. They don't really necessarily tell us everything about the character. I'm trying to think of like deep character. Development in a in a gaming are piece specifically. And like i can't think of any specific but it's also because i don't know if i played that many beyond you know like where they've got all these different pieces of information. There's a lot out there now Immediately what comes to mind is mass effect characters are extremely valves and well written at least most of them are the human like the stand in human in the first game old male and female are kind of well the dudes just completely nope velopment kinda and the the girls space races but all of the aliens are really didn't really fracisco. Yes is a her. Name's ashley williams. She's a gunnery sergeant and now takes place when humanity has achieved baseline basically and been a allowed into citadel. Which is this gigantic. Space relay station where there is a council of all the other alien races that make decisions for the entire ballots and that. That's where it puts you in and yes. There are space races of all preacher types but that game one where is an rpg video game that actually has a lot of choice and nuance to wear. The story can go. That has character developed like that. But it's only a more recent thing in say. The last ten years as far as most video games or at least most well known ones i am not including the. Rq stuff that you would get on pc in the nineties. Because that's all about air. Oh you mean like the strategic simulations stuff in there often refer to crp's and they are on simulated tactical doing its best you simulate. What a table top. Some of those. I don't know Even like the like playing pool radio anson some of the The games that were actually based off of modules in Indian d one will never win. Nights is different because never went into nights doesn't have a story. Never winter nights is a way to run a Like you can run a game of never winter nights or you can play their story their story but it's really not Don't know like well. There's a video game. Never winter nights that is one of these nineties. Crt geez that is really knows what. I'm saying it's the same thing It's the same thing maybe of ice when del. yes. I

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