26,000 Handmade Hair Scrunchies

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Names christian for horbert and firm cedar rapids iowa. My side hustle is friend band and it comes from my middle maine Which is bryn and speech episode. Seven thirty seven and when i first started i wanted something that would kinda along with what i was doing so i started with just crunchies but i didn't want to just be like christian scrunchy so I kind of brainstormed on what i wanted to do. And brin and bands kind of just fit together and kind of work from there. So it's dance and i create different handmade harris s raise or ladies across the nation about two and a half years ago. I was at my old job. And i was in charge of some college girls through the summer camp that our college hosted so Scrunches are making a comeback. And they knew. I was crafty and so they asked if i could make them a scratchy And it kind of just snowballed from there. And i was like sure i'll try it. I knew that In the ninety s my mom had actually made scratches She works at a hospital. She just made them and all the nurses loved them and so i asked her for help Because you can find it on youtube and everything. But i wasn't really satisfied with a Tutorials that i was finding the of work Cheaper quality so. I knew my mom made really good ones. That didn't snap burn. Vance is my main hustle now I guess it would add that. I'm a mom as well so the last time we talked i was still working at the community college as a program developer and shortly after our interview is when i realized the potential for bands to be able to grow and for me to be able to focus full time on it and i also found out was pregnant so i knew i had nine months to work from home and grow brin bands and then i was gonna figure it out when my son came. It's so crazy to see. Burn band started using crunchies. So now we've added all these product lines as well also have headbands in different styles. There's like a turban nodded in a tied on one We have scratches for little's all these new products so it's just really exciting to see the growth that we've had in different product lines and everything is still with that band name so a headband had is still has it. So that's still my focus. I feel like a lot of times we borrow is like. Can you do t shirts. And i'm like that's just not what brin bands stands for and i feel like just changed the focus of our here sassari can align. We've edit all the new product lines so it's a lot of cannock customer so i'm really proud of that and some other things on se. I just reached my twenty six thousand transaction mark. So i sold. I've had twenty six thousand transactions on esi so that's a lot of products that i've made. I guess one little pass of though i love it seems like at least once a month they will get a message in. Dm's or on esi saying that they heard me some titles and that just makes my day so exciting half pool Still listening to my episode so many years later so that's always really exciting. One girl was actually from the same hometown. As as so. That was kinda fun to

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