158 A Plea for Peace: Leonard Bernstein, Richard Nixon, and the Music of the 1973 Inauguration


This is not the first time. The arts have captured the mood of new administration as we arising out of the depths of the depression. Mickey rooney played piano at franklin delano roosevelt's nineteen forty one inauguration. Charlie chaplin spoke distinguished. American contralto sings the national anthem. All those one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. President eisenhower invited world renowned african american opera singer marian anderson to sing the national anthem sending a message to segregationists and the daughters of the american revolution who eighteen years earlier had barred her from singing in constitution hall because of her race. President kennedy invited the first poet to read at an inauguration. Robert frost and frank sinatra ella fitzgerald and gene kelly performed at his gala now as the first couple takes pair first dance as president and first lady of the united states. Please

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