Bonus: The Stories We Killed

Israel Story


She is absolutely respectful for someone s. She does as she pleases. It's not the way that the human being behaves when he's at someone else's place they are really stock in their way of seeing things maggot for everybody. Who makes it is hard. Not morley you because god is morning all of us is highly is okay for me. It's you who are not. Don't put god inside of that and maybe that leads to sort of how it how it sort of fell apart right. Tell me about that. I think there are two main reasons. One was there all these big themes that sort of almost to be looked at like what exactly so. I think religious for secular issues or some of the hottest debated conflicts in israel today. So here was this opportunity to look at it in such a minute way right like literally these two individuals fighting things over in the kitchen. Yeah but the bottom line is those bigger ideas didn't really hold water at the end of the day and also these are two grown women right like they're not forced to live together in a college dorm so there was the obvious question of. Why are these two grown people who seem to really not like each other staying together for months and months and months and ultimately we couldn't really find a satisfying answer. Yeah i remember. It was like they didn't even reflect on it like living together wasn't even a choice. They were making young. The second reason i would say that things sort of fell apart. Is that as a storyteller right. We're always looking for You know a big story arc or some personal development or reflections and that's really not

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