465 - Zoo Man Cy DeVry


Podcast or each week. I dave anthony redistributed from american history to my friend gareth reynolds who has no idea what the topic is going to be about say That's it that's all. I got feel good about it though. That's i mean to the intro. I like it when we do it right just like that. So you know when you're looking at your phone. Yeah your phone coming up. Yeah yeah big. Barely paying attention right now dude. Of course i've seen we're doing a podcast is literally one other person here that you should be slightly focused on. That's what you're should throw out some legit numbers but instead Okay all right. It's just me here right now. You should pretend like you care. Listen dan i love you. You know i love you. i'm all about you. I'm paying so much attention to you so please relax guy gareth dan. My name is fucking second team. My name is dave all right buddy. Okay got it and action who has no idea what the topic is going to be about my god. You're the dallas will be right back. patch fucking. Gary and this is not gonna come to tickling clock. Five part could now hit him with the puppy present. Sip arguments sleep right candy. I see my friend. The dollop is brought to you in part by business spoke post. Look the curator's bespoke post. They've done it again this winter. They got an all new lineup of essential box of awesome collection for guys guaranteed to make your life better upgrade. It make it sweeter. Girth were kinda box What's your situation. i got a week. The weekender the bag where it's sorta like throw in whatever you need in a bag. That doesn't look too big and bulky but stores a bunch of stuff but it is one of those websites where when you look at the stuff you go like the idea of trying to pick one or two is not easy because you really are like. It's just like what. What kind of gentlemen. What do you want to be now. it makes you. It makes you man salivate whether it showcase pieces to level up your indoor hosting skills or cozy threads for blustery days. Bespoke post guys the best of every month.

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