96 | Thriller | If I Disappear by Eliza Jane Brazier With Interview!


Weirdo bookworm. We want to share our love of genre fiction with you. Some readers out there may look down on you for your love of horror sci fi and fantasy but not us stop by discuss. What we've been reading scott was wiggling when we did a countdown. He did stop. Stop need to stop the legally we win. It's not a visual podcast. I everybody this is. Sandra and this is scott. Welcome to john reid junkies where we're here. What a little tree back to back weeks here. Yeah because because because of the floor. I know it's a lot of editing. Of course it was a lot of work for us on the back end but you know what would we were totally worth that. We're trying to get back on schedule So here we are twenty twenty one and we're gonna have a new bumper and a new little mid thing coming soon just new things at twenty twenty one people and our one hundredth episode is coming up real quick here. Can you believe that. I feel like we've done more than that. I mean when we do a show every other week that milestone comes a little bit later than it normally would show right right right right now. It's wonderful and it is a good milestone. funny it's like oh really. I feel like we've done like maybe five hundred. So today is one of those fun fun. Very special episodes. Tm trademark jonah junkie special episode. Where not only are we going to talk about a book for you spoiler free and then spoiler later on war you but we actually got to sit dowd talk. Did this week's author before we get into the book. Is there anything john or related. You've been enjoying this week. Yes i do have something cool to share. Actually something that i really want to share is i'm not very far into it of only seen the first two episodes almost two episodes of a show that my co host neal over at the coach show Turned me onto and that is a show called thirty coins so you can watch us on. Hbo max and It is an hbo europe show and it is set in spain which is so cool and it just has that really awesome european look and feel to it and it is about some strange goings on in a rule smaller town in spain. We have a priest. That used to be a boxer. He's rough around the edges. He has six tattoos and he's been kind of exiled to this little village. And i don't want to say too much going into it but if you like religious horror and i know you do 'cause i do i've fricken love it. It's fun it's really fun and scary. I get kinda john valjean vibes from that priest. Yeah he's got he's got a pass and he's ripped exactly. Yeah well my only john where thing. This week is actually very relevant to this book. I have been falling down a little bit of a true crime whole this week. Kind of like i mean. I don't know whether i should be happier. Not because i've been into true crime quite literally my whole life. Since i was a kid got into it with my mom and i mean i ingest and have so much crime and it's never fully rubbed off on you and so now i'm like do i get to take responsibility for this or or know what's funny though is i'm going down the the order side of the law and order and i've been watching like trial videos i don't know i don't know why it is suddenly got into my head. This is something that i wanted to get into this week. But hey whatever i think that's awesome you know. I think a lot of people. Don't think about that side of it and that you can find those things. Because i think a lot of us you know. We're used to seeing or hearing jailhouse interviews or confessions interogations been not so much. What actually happens in the courtroom. Besides you know a few words strung together. So that's i mean. I guess you're taking shoe crime and you kind of making it yours but i still want some credit. I guess what i'm saying is or svu you need to bring barbara back and just have the show be about him. Just law and order barba. I'll watch the entire thing about or can we have they had. They had a trial injury. Show for a while. i didn't watch it. i probably would have loved it. Can we have row esparza. Who played barbara. I think that's right. Can we just have him host a podcast where he goes over the trial parts of things. Please yeah i mean. I think i just. I think people be very happy. I think people on tumbler would be very happy. I i think this would be a good thing all right.

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