US House delivers Trump article of impeachment to Senate.


I'm anthony davis democrats marched the impeachment case against donald trump to the senate on monday nights for the start of his historic trial but republican senators. Were easing off. They criticism of the former president and shunning kohl's to convict him over the deadly siege the us capital. It's an anti sign of trump's enduring sway over the party. The house prosecutors delivered the sole impeachment charge of incitement of insurrection. Making the ceremonial walk across the capitol to the senate but republican denunciations of trump have cooled since the january six riot instead. Republicans are pressing tangle of legal arguments against the legitimacy of the trial and questions whether trump's repeated demands to overturn joe biden's election really amounted to incitement. What seemed for some democrats like an open shut case that played out for the world on live television as trumping courage to mav of white supremacists to fight like hell for his presidency is running into a republican party. That feels very different. Not only of illegal concerns but senators are wary of crossing the former president and he's legions of followers who are also their voters arguments in the senate. Trial will begin the week of february eighth and the case against trump the first former president to face an

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