Kim Jones on the Making of Air Dior


It's been a crazy. Eight months herself is being crazy as being busy. Yeah and i've appreciated time at home and being able to have time to myself. Reflect more of john when you were say a lot of time to research the excited about a very eventful few months but today we're here to talk about sneakers. what makes an amazing sneaker. And what makes an amazing sneaker launch air. Dior or shoe which we have right here. It's like the most sought after sneaker in the world right now. yeah. I've been scouring the internet to kind of see what people are saying and how much they cost and you know it's crazy how quickly they've accelerated price. I wanted to start with your own relationship with sneakers because it goes back a long time. This is not a trend. You just jumped on. I mean most people who know me know that i started out working at a company called gimme five whereas college but before that when a student also at school nyc for me was the absolute must have an odd save off and dish. Dishwasher governed by pair of sneakers and people have michael jordan with the heroes and just everyone was wearing sneakers. Me and my friends would chip into bypass to share them and share parents of have jordan. Fives that were on. Discount in place in brighton that we bought a we went and three as on them now. Forty five pounds and we chipped by them and then we take them in terms of obviously make sure no one stood on them and sick have never allowed to go out anywhere teaching them and it was just you. Nuts is the design. It was just like it was a cult thing. It became colton. You know we both got these which the first one of the first has jordan's in the white and gray which is the basis for the ed your and the ideal thing was really dickel t and i've had a contract with nike for quite few years. And then they taught me about being jordan. And as i really love to do with your because they've never done and luxury house with georgian collaborations. I would take italian at you know jordan with the dior factories and really make something special and exciting. And it's really you know it was solid. Where do you want jordan's that was really how it started as bit selfish so before we get into the actual kind of design of the shoe. Because i think there's a lot of thought that goes into that. Of course the jordan one for the uninitiated amongst us. I think sneaker has called it the aj one. Why is that such an important shoe. Silhouette i think is just such design. Classic infamy you does periods in history. Whether it's been shoes. Come out like this on the air. Max ninety five that just speak to people and they speak to a generation of people for me. I didn't have the original pair of these because they a bit too young for them and they really out of my price range and they weren't so easy to get the uk. And then as i started going to japan as i graduated i started collecting fares what i think the first bought seven bucks in a flea market and then to visit a friend where does student and that was kind of to shake shaking. You just they just become infectious shots at me. Now you just love to design it so joining a club. I guess so. When you're thinking about designing a shoe that has to balance effectively three different brands right. Young jordan has its own brand completely new operated separately with its own team. Then there's night key which obviously is like gave birth to the jordan. There's there's three iconic brands so when you're when you're when you're designing a shoe and you have to balance the dna. Three brees was really like we need to netflix. Because that's one of the criterias of deal is significant advance. We knew the letter had to be sourced. We knew we wanted to have the finishings. Made like bag would be made. So you have the edge painting. You have the way that things are hand finished in the sewing. The oblique here is made specific size just the jordan and it scaled per size of georgian. And you have again. You have on the tongue which is a new technique that we developed an inside the leather so units inside which they did have the normal jordan and inside. I have the numbers or these are the ones from the miami share. Whichever forty has them and really making them for people that would appreciate something and understand the croft now in consumption when you talked about fashion. I'm very aware of numbers and craft being important people. I think young people are learning by nets and they won't buy things last longer for me. Doing things like this was something being a limited number of things but it's creates excitement. There were only thirteen. Thousand pairs of shoes made but there's also a whole bunch of other skews in the collection which may be the as much. Yeah i mean. We've mentioned what we michael jordan's wore jay. But he was because he was the coolest guy and it was like he will seats all the time and we were looking at we made of his clothes and then we had to call them present it all to him which was kind of because he sees everything can approves everything jordan. What was that like. I mean he was super lovely. And i get in chicago. We went to do the don't it was like. I was really impressed that he was to be honest. That's the cage stream isn't it. I guess it was. He was just radiant. He's and you want to keep them the stuff so we can keep it and travis was there and he was reading into it so you know promise travis he'd be one of the people have it and it was just it was. It was an appreciation for each other. That was the thing that was nice about. What did you have to see to the powers that via d. or to get them. I mean they've never done nothing like that. I had to piatra use my ceo and we have extremely good relationship. And i was like. I really want to do this. What you think it nina. He's in his twenties and he was thought it was cool idea who grew up here as per say that was pretty easy to do in nyc. Nike was little bit but then they got into. It was his reading managing expectations of everybody in the right

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