Congressman, NAACP sue Trump and Giuliani over Capitol riot


And adviser to former President Donald Trump, says his longtime lawyer and confident Rudy Giuliani is not representing him in legal matters at this time. They are both named in a new lawsuit over the Capitol attack. In a lawsuit filed in federal District Court in Washington, the N W. A S A P and Democratic congressman Bennie Thompson claim for president Trump Rudy Giuliani, the proud boys in the oath keepers conspired to incite the January 6 riot. And that they violated the 18 71 Ku Klux Klan Act by preventing Congress from carrying out its official duties. A Trump advisor Jason Miller says Trump is not organized or insight or conspire to incite any violent oxes Rachel Sutherland. The suit seeks unspecified damages. This is Congress plans, hearings on security issues and a non 11 style commission. To

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