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Good morning good afternoon. Good evening wherever you find yourself in this entire world. I welcome you. So how are you doing. My friend my warrior. Are you doing well this week. I certainly hope so as you may know. We now have the mary. Max store where you will find creative products and gifts for yourself and others who are greeting a loved one staff. I like to tell you about our. I remember t shirts which we designed to honor those who were taken too soon. They each have beautiful logos and they provide you the ability to speak about your loved one whenever someone asks you who you are remembering. Partial proceeds from all sales of our store help fund the foundation for grieving children inc an organization that i established many years ago. The first national nonprofit public charity of its kind to assist children teens and young adults who are grieving. The death of a loved one. I hope you'll visit store dot mary. Mack dot info and some tease for yourself and those you love who are grieving. So today i'd like to talk to you about how to handle your birthday after someone special in your life has died. What do we do. where do we go. What will make us feel a little bit better as we approach our special day each year when we feel pain and our yearning fred them since they are no longer with us. Maybe it's your first birthday after their death. Maybe it's your second third fourth fifth tenth even more and whether you will celebrate with many family or friends there may still be that twinge in your heart that they are not with you today. You might also be thinking about birthdays. You spent with them long ago and the presence they gave you and how much they meant to you. If you were married you're a member your first date your first. Kiss your wedding. The birth of children you had together and you're many anniversaries and you might also be thinking about your vacation trips together and how much fun you had with them. How you laugh together and kid each other and how you got through all the struggle together you wonder what they would be like at this point near life. What kind of relationship you have with them. Would it be just as good as it was when they died. Would it be better or would it be as difficult or more difficult than it was when they were alive. There's no need to sugar coated. We both know that there are just some relationships that aren't as good as others and we must not fool ourselves into believing that a very stressful difficult relationship that we might have had with them will now somehow become just glorious but some of ice tend to do that. We glorify relationship that was very painful and try to make ourselves believed that it was more than it was and if that is the case we need not make ourselves feel guilty. We just need to recognize that we are doing this. There is simply nothing that can change the type of relationship we shared with them. If it was good it makes us feel wonderful yet. If it wasn't as good as we would have preferred that is just reality. We are unable to have the perfect relationship with every person at our life. That's just the way it is so when they die. It's very easy for us to try to make up this great relationship in our mind but that doesn't mean that it was so so now let's look at how we can honor ourself on her own birthday. The question is what exactly would make you happy today. Now for some. That is a loaded question because you might be saying to me. But mary. There is nothing i can do. That will me happy right now to which i would respond. And why not do you think your loved one would want you to sit all alone in your home network trading yourself to some fun or a dinner out or to try a new recipe and make this day memorable for you. Where did you get the idea that when they died you had to die too and i know it's probably crushed your mind at least once more than likely several times and i'm here to tell you it's perfectly fine to think that but i never want you to act upon. I want you to consider what would actually make you happy today. And if you aren't listening to this on your exact birthday if your birthday is coming up soon that gives you even more time to plan something for yourself now. If you have wonderful friends you can count on to help you. Execute your desired plans for your big day. Thin include

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