Trevor Lawrence to undergo labrum surgery Tuesday on his non-throwing shoulder


Here from rap sheet on your guy Trevor Laurence. He will have labor, um, surgery on his left shoulder on Tuesday. It's going to be a 5 to 6 months recovery. He will there He is expected to be fined by training camp. Let non throwing shoulder right, non throwing shoulder labor, um, surgery. I mean, you never want to hear labor, um and shoulder and surgery, but Don't non throwing shoulder can't be that huge. Now you do wonder he takes a big hit gets lands on that shoulder. Look, too. I had a lot of injury concerns coming out, and he didn't look great this year. So, yeah, different injury of it, and Trevor Laurence is like 65 to 20. I still think guys that run that he had against Ohio State in the playoff. Not this past year with the beer before, is like up there with the Tommy Frazier run against Florida. Mike Vick Falcons run against the Vikings. The Steve Young run, uh in the playoffs. I think that was against the Vikings. It's just one of the all time great runs travel. I'm just such a Fanboy of Trevor Laurence.

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