Protect Your Camera Gear from Theft

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So i have a few stories to start out with one very close to home to from the headlines just to illustrate just how crazy things are right now and it comes to real stealing camera gear and then i have. Some ideas These are things that i'm practicing in my own career But i'm going to share them with you in terms of how to protect myself how to protect yourself and how to hang onto our cameras because it feels like there are a lot of folks out there that want to take them from us and obviously we don't want to lose any of our gear that we like so much and we don't want any harm to come to anyone. The happens to be in the area at the time. So these considerations are very important. So let's start out with a few stories of what is going on now. The first one is close to home because it happened after one of my workshops in two thousand nineteen the bodega bay workshop. And this is the gas station smash and grab so one of our workshop. Participants Had finished up and he was heading back to the airport and a rental suv and he had his camera gear in the back in the hatch area of the suv and he just made a stop at the gas station and he needed to go inside to get a couple items and in that short period of time that he left his car which was locked he left it locked to go inside to get a couple of things. Someone had either been eyeballing him or you know. We're never sure exactly how this happens. But they knew exactly where to go and they went to his suv. They smashed in the back window. And that's what they do. They don't mess around. They just smashed the window. They reach in. They grab the gear in his case. I believe it was two backpacks full gear and then they speed off all in just a matter of seconds truly disappointing to hear that that happened to him. He had had a great workshop. It was one of his first workshops with us and then to have it. Finish on that note made me feel very bad and you go inside for a minute your cars locked and he still lose your gear. That's what i'm talking about the state of things right now. Now this next one was in penn. Pixel i read it on pedal pixel just today in Let me read you this. And by the way i have the link to the story In the show notes. The talkers robbed while stuck in san francisco. Traffic lose seven thousand dollars in camera gear. I don't know if you saw this or not. There's actually a video that goes with it at someone else. Videoed it happening okay and you can see that when you go to the link. Regia the text right here. This may be the modern day equivalent of a stagecoach robbery. A of photographers were just brazenly robbed. While they were sitting in traffic in san francisco robers smashed their rear window and stole a bag filled with seven thousand dollars in gear and it was all caught on camera. Abc seven which is a local news station reports that the husband and wife real estate photographers ben. And marsha of home shots were waiting to get onto the interstate eighty ip around four thirty pm friday afternoon after finishing a photo shoot near dolores park as the video above shows and so they do have the video there a dark honda than pulled up. Alongside the photographers. Prius a man jumped out quickly. Smashed the rear window smashed. They're sitting in the car. Smashes the rear window. Grab the equipment bag that was in the trunk hop back into the car and sped off. The whole incident lasted about ten seconds. Start to finish and it was caught on camera behind. By tesla driver named alex who then pulled over in exchange. Contact information with the photographers marcia. Who had been driving. The car had noticed the dark car falling them after they left the photo shoot. This is a very important point. Then estimates that his stolen gear which includes a camera lens drone in was worth around seven thousand

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