Lawyer Gets Stuck With Cat Filter During Virtual Court Case


Flos and order. Texas lawyer was turned into a ca- turney by a pesky zoom filter during a virtual court hearing well and it left other participants on the call. Absolutely cracking up as the judge tried to walk him through that filter. Fix i'm here live. I'm not a cat said confused. Lawyer rod parton yuling like a loss tabby and a brief video clip of the accidental species swap though his zoom panel said otherwise portraying him as an durable blue eyed kitten. Okay now i am still taking baby steps as far as soon goes. I think i've had one zoom meeting. And i'm not even i mean it was just enough to get through that zoom meeting without doing anything that was well Totally just bonkers. I have no idea how to even work the filters. But i think the cautionary tale is this. Your kids do and apparently that's exactly what happened but to see this attorney as it was it. Was this cute. Little kitty kitty. He'd be guys and every time the attorney would talk. Of course the kittens mouth would move. Its welcome to the new normal forty. Two second clip was tweeted. Tuesday night by judge roy ferguson. Along with some well. Timely and helpful tech advice wrote ferguson of texas three hundred and ninety fourth judicial district court. Important zoomed tip all in caps if a child has used your computer prior to your using it for a court hearing before you join a virtual hearing you might wanna check the zoom video options to be sure the filters are off. I wouldn't even know where to be gained. I mean where would you be. I have no clue when it comes to filters just seems to me that well. That's an accident waiting to happen.

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