Atlanta Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is dangerously kooky. Apparently, that’s just what her voters want.


Meets module retailer green in congress. She represents georgia's fourteenth district right outside atlanta and in life. She represents some views right outside of reality. Marjorie taylor green. She won her house race for a district in northwest georgia. She has in the past promoted. That cunanan conspiracy theories q. Is a patriot. We know that for sure but we do not know who q. Is people believe that q is someone very close to president trump. according to him many in our government are actively worshiping satan or they call moloch. I mean is it going to be true that the child pedophilia and the elites in the washington. Dc is that what we're really going to see them out is it going to be satanic worship q. Was in the house of representatives Loops now marjorie taylor. Green is hardly the first member of congress to hold some out their beliefs. I mean ted cruz believes that bid as working for him but cunanan is not just extreme. It's usual people. How are you going to be in the government and believe that the government is full of satan worshipping sex predators. It must be exhausting to be walking around the halls of congress. Just constantly opening doors like ta. Now just a supply closet. Gotcha now just a copy room fire. Now that's my office man. I'm so lost and it's not just cunanan. In fact it seems like green has a conspiracy theory for every letter of the alphabet the trump backing republican embraces completely false in on conspiracy theories and in a newly uncovered video from twenty eighteen claimed former president obama is muslim. The clintons had jfk junior killed and even questioned whether a plane crashed into the pentagon on nine. Eleven it's odd. There's never any evidence sean. For a plane and the pentagon facebook posts have surfaced in which green called the deadly parkland high school suiting. Fake along with video showing her harassing parkland shooting survivor. David hogg red light gun laws that attack our second amendment right. How do you get avid gun. Owners and people that support the second amendment to give up their guns and go along with anti gun legislation. How do you do that. Maybe you accomplish that by performing mass shooting into a crowd that is very likely to be conservative. Is that what happened in las vegas. Have you seen the picture of ruth. Baiter gingrich walk into the airport. Butler hillary clinton so is interesting. So i do not believe that was ruth negga. I don't think so. I don't need wow okay. So our bg has body double. Hillary clinton has a body double one makes it sound like everyone has their own body double. I mean that's such a silly thing to believe you'll the weekend they're onto us get out of them and raw but the big question is how did osama bin karen get elected to congress in the first place well it turns out she was lucky to be one of nine republicans running for the seat. So everyone's attention was spread around instead of focused on her kind of like how. There are so many different kinds of oreo. Now that you hardly even notice that one of the flavors of human flesh and while some of the cuban on stuff did come out mostly what voters knew about her was that she was a hardcore trump supporter. And yet she sometimes sounded like a crazy person but only in a comforting familiar way. She's a former trough in gym owner. Who has a few roles editor father's construction company but really has no political background at all. America's the greatest country in the world. We need conservatives in washington that will keep it that way. The democrat party is no longer an american party. They are now the party of socialism. They wanna rip our borders wide open. They wanna kill babies up until birth. And maybe even afterwards i have a message for antifa terrorists. Stay the hell out of northwest georgia god. Damn i'm no which house. I'm skipping on halloween. And by the way everyone's freaking out about greens cunanan on beliefs. But if you ask me. The scary cultures involved in is crawford's scientology jumping jacks but yes aside from the cul stuff a lot of greens. Beliefs are typical for today's republicans. But she also has a little extra something that makes the far right. Love her even more. It's racist

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