Tom Brady Gets Ready for 10th Super Bowl Appearance


Positive. It's Super Bowl Week. The Patriots, however, are not playing. But of course, Tom Brady is perhaps you've heard his 10th Super Bowl he and drunk Rob Gronkowski or taking the Buccaneers. Two Super Bowl. 55 4 Tampa Bay. It's the first time they've been in the big game and 18 years, CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann reports from the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Something about their relationship clicks do that was great. That was perfect. That was just what I needed in Tampa. They have a weekly show Tommy and Gronke. I love to score. There's no such thing. Has more When I'm out at the campfire. I took us more girls. The kind of guy had come over for a cabaret here in that time, maybe for like a like a glass of nice. Tennessee Titans kicker Stephen Gostkowski is an ex Patriots teammate. What was the secret to their success on the field Just now about those guys work extremely hard. It did with the Bucks. Another Super Bowl for Brady and Graham Brady, of course, looking for Ring Number seven and Moorhouse history to be Aid at the Super Bowl with the first female ever to referee the big game

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