How TPA Is Leading The Alliance


Morning. Good afternoon and good evening. Welcome to security rabbit hole to another edition of the down the security rabbit hole. Podcast this i have got the james back on the show james. Good good to have you back. Yeah welcome to the welcome to the new year man. It's yes we some twenty twenty thousand officially twenty twenty. Not you know ten minutes later. You made a you got through the new year. Okay no casualties. Yeah now say made it through You know chilly on the other side but hopefully in a month or so. It'll start warming up for us right. Yeah well it's it's january end of january ish so Middle of january. I think we're issue that center the middle of january so Yeah it's gonna hit you get back in the sixties any day. Now maya will entry outside. That has completely wilted because it's like what the heck it's been in the upper twenties at night but all right enough about the weather. And the post apocalyptic twenty twenty one year you guys know part of the skewed visor alliance otherwise known as the alliance if you're part of in your security leadership you absolutely should be. I'll look us up on length dan. It's we'll talk a little bit more about how to joining and get things done. But basically a community of seaso's insecurity leads that to make the world better and get to get a little get a little community income roderick process and to that end we have a new executive director boy. Wouldn't it be great if we had him on. The show and so here is gary. Welcome to the podcast. Thank you very much happy to be here calling in from sunny sunny southern california. It's absolutely beautiful. Yeah that's that's that's beautiful. I love that Are you guys What's your what's your temperatures there. You're the seventy six no no. I'm actually embarrassed to say that it's going to be eighty five degrees here today. L. man all right. Yeah yeah yeah. I apologize for that theft. Never apologize i kind of wish it was here all right so a little bit of your background and we'll kind of dive into the alliance of what you're going to be doing it. Sure so this has been a long path for me in the In the cybersecurity space. I actually started in in the Early nineteen eighties. Eight eight dating myself. That way. But i think i was in it before i even knew i was in it. If that makes sense. I was learning what it wasn't a thing But at the same time. I was still doing what other guys were doing. And that's you know. Hey there was some technology beginning to get implemented in places and And there was a general sense that you had to worry about how it got secured Working with a A defense contractor in the dc area and they brought in wang word processing systems. And now you're now you're really dating. Oh this is this is crazy for yet. Do you wanna stop here. I am i. Am i too old for the show great. I don't know how many of our listeners remember the way god a while well. Or how deep. The penetration of that product was across especially across government. It was used really well so anyway. I sort became Someone who one of the people who understood the the underpinnings of wang a little bit and and what have you. And i'm not saying i'm proud of that. I'm just saying i did it. And along the way the. Us state department decided to standardize on on wang systems. They had no No computing technology in embassies and consulates around the world Back in those days the only means of communicating if you were working in an embassy or consulate was by sending telegrams sending cables and those were all done very secure rooms. And you know you kinda typed out a telegram. Carry it up to the to the communication center it was re entered into a into a cable system and sent out to whatever. The destination was so word processing was a huge step up as you can imagine at that time and and they rightly got a little bit worried about what. What does it mean. If we start putting these things all over the world and And i had the good fortune to be recruited at that time and later mentored by By one of the people. I think is really one of the sort of unsung giants in the in the cybersecurity. Space guy name lynn mcnulty Who later became a significant player. Nist and variety of other places but but lynn was tasked with building a what they called the computer security team For the department state he

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