Side Effects of Woo-Woo (with Jessica Lanyadoo) Part 2

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I genuinely feel like for a lot of organized religion. There's this idea that you need us in order for you to connect to god. Yes and so to empower folks to have their own faculties and be able to utilize them and their own guides and their own periods. It would almost be in the Against the best interest of religious actions that seek to control. It's bad for business. Let's just call it what it is. It's just bad for business. It's bad for business for people who menstruate to be able to say. Oh my period being weird. I know what that means. You know. it's bad for business for people to be able to listen to to our bodies and respond to our bodies as though they are intelligent. It's bad for for spiritual business and often for kinds of medical. Business am very precise science very pro science. Very pro vaccine very. I feel like it's important. That i say this because of the work i do But but you know it's it's bad for all of these businesses for people to have confidence in our own connection to this body and this life being part of a larger path. You know we are all in my view kind of like this divine threads in a tapestry. We are connected to each other. We are connected to the earth. Of course we are connected to all that is living in there. Is something really humbling about that. And really empowering about that and it means something different for different people and different stages of life as it's meant to but what i personally tend to reject is people saying it's impossible for a planet to effect a human or it's impossible for you to know the future because of that's where we talked about sifi because you were like how can a person know what's coming next and this is where as a medium so i talked to dead people right and one. I've learned from that. We ask you real quick. Is it as basic as someone just telling you. Someone's name and then you just happen and like they pop up and then sometimes is it like. Oh they're not here today. Excellent questions. I trained my guides so my guides and i've worked it out over the course of the last like fifteen sixteen years That i i try to only see dead people. When i get a name and i do that because my life was really awful i think and i was just being constantly bombarded by people. It does not. Nobody wants that. I can assure you nobody wants that. So right now the like structure. That i have that is usually works. Is i require name and i don't talk dead people unless unless i know them. Unless i'm like you know they're connected to someone somehow Of course cove. That's been different. I think mediums are having a little bit of a hard time. 'cause there's a lot of dead people in a lot of people dying terrified alone Not to bring the vibe down but that's your existence in that do it. I mean this might be like extra like whoo like. Ap woo but home. When you're speaking to a deceased person. Are you speaking to or what. What do you believe you're speaking to. Is it the energy that left. Somebody's body is it a soul like i had someone. Tell me the other day. She has a friend who spoke to a medium who speaks to the souls of babies and the person said that you know this medium told her like that when she she had had a miscarriage she had she was pregnant with twins and had a miscarriage and that that medium had told her that she was being sold. The souls were like yeah. We didn't come because we didn't want to be twins and so that's why we left and the woman subsequently ended up having kids kids. Please login pregnant. She i mean she had suffered like she couldn't get pregnant forever that she finally got pregnant. So i say all that to say you know. what do you feel like. You're so first and foremost. I should say your the way you're framing. It is really important. And i agree with it. It's what i what. I believe i am experiencing because no living human. Ken know what happens after we die and i want to just like hold space for that And that different. Mediums were interpreting what we're experiencing and we're interpreting it through the lens of our beliefs right so so that's important to acknowledge 'em in in my experience i am talking. I mean there's a lot of things that can happen. So i will talk to dead people so that is me speaking to dead. People who are in spirit form there in seoul form but they're still connected to their person hood in this life in this body but this is where it kinda ties into prediction in a weird way because there is no there when you lose the body. There's no more time there's no there's no more place. There's no physical location in the spirit world. I know we like to envision clouds and those are just the their contracts that that we can wrap our minds around it. It's eight yeah. It's the either it's there is no there there so time is irrelevant because there is time is a physical measure to a lady bug to a cat and to you versus to me. Time is a different thing so as humans. We experienced time generally speaking the same. But i can tell you. I have some friends that are late for everything. I'm early for everything. Our experience of time is different. You know and for my cat who's gonna live maybe sixteen years nineteen years His time is different correct. Yes so that said. I have because i've been doing this work for so long. I have chocked chew. i'm thinking of one client. As an example she came to me. I don't know how many years ago like seventeen years ago for to connect with her dead mother. Their mother died months earlier and this woman was very material like she gave the most specific one of the best stories. I have very specific advice about what to do and my client did was all accurate. I can tell the story if you want. But but before i do i'll just say

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