The Yetzer of Great Men (Sukkah 52a)

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Below. So what tax do you have today. So i thought we'd look at the text from the gamero from soka fifty two a m. it's a famous tax but i don't think we ever discussed it as groups. I'd love to hear your thoughts. So here's tomorrow and it says as follows new rubber nana rabbis taught. Now this is in the middle of a whole major discussion relating to the gates or hora which the camera tends to me the sexual drive. Not just the general desire to send although could mean that as well so it quotes verse. And it says edited Mirror i am. I will distance this The northern one from you but it says this is referring to the eighth or hara which is hidden in the hearts of human beings and then the end of the versus because he has done greatly like the great power of gates zara and the texas follows. I'm are by media having your jimmy. Coolum that the power of the eighth or hara is greatest amongst the tourists ages and then it tells the following story once happened that by her demand. Say to a woman with us rise early. And we'll go on the road. And i thought i'll follow them and prevent them from sinning because he assumed that they were having some sexual assignation. He went after them about three miles for three meal through the reeds heard them saying our conversation has been so nice and now we must take separate roads by my enemy. Meeting myself would not have contained himself. Could not have if i was with that woman half i would not have been able to contain myself. Leaned against the both of the door and was very sorry that he would have been worse than a common man. So here i rabbi would not have been able to control myself from these this man and woman just friends no man came to him and taught the greater man is the more is he tempted by the evil spirit by the eighth or hara and the hebrew is coho. Godot may have a row each rogue adult men who who is greater than his friend. His desire his yates. There is stronger than than a friend. So my god can i jump and i don't want to jump to very famous bride loftier thoughts so i wonder it may be a slow alternate perspective on this and that the more you put up barriers or the more you like make things You know make the bins into a big deal of being now allowed the harder on those heavier sits on your head. I'm saying this really inarticulate way but it's kind of like if you take a boy and a girl who public school together and all the time wasn't girls and then you send them off to do an errand you don't have two seconds of thought that oh my god you will get a horrible. Overtake them whether you take two kids from haredi community never ever ever have an object to hang out together all the sudden the whole interaction become so much more fraught. So that's the first thing that goes through my head here and so interest. It's it's normally not done or is it. Also because the reason it's not done is it's always framed as being a sexual temptation and for that's the lens that's brought to the reason men and women. We don't have them go together into carry. Community is because women's sexual temptation. Where freight of your yeats their horror and therefore if that's always the message that that also becomes the lens through which you know. The the experience is taking place at boulder trail that's interesting. Yeah i mean my first When i heard this tax was on a totally different tack and maybe not as positive i was like oh god that sounds like a total apologetic for like powerful people like sexually harassing other. People's like oh you know the greater you are the greater your temptation is going to be and it totally like rubbed me the wrong way but i guess watch you're reading is really interesting. I'm like trying to relate to it as like the you know heavier and higher. Your set of expectations for yourself are the like heavier bat. Might weigh upon you like how would you understand that the greater the rabbi quote unquote degraded the rabbi most likely more he has separated himself out from the day to day workings of the world. Right like when we think about great rabbis particular. We think about people who've had a little bit closer themselves from the world's and that's where i'm going with this. Although i do think you are reading sarah which is fascinating to me about the powerful people. There's a whole other way to look at this. Which is that. We often complain about the fact that powerful people are the ones who are much more sexually abusive. And sometimes i we kind of bring it on ourselves because the people that we choose as powerful people and i'm not sure rabbis phones category but generally politicians we go after like people who are charismatic and a little bit narcissistic and who you know love to be loved and one adulation by and we love those people. We pick them. We take them as movie stars. We picked politicians. A man were surprised when they bay. That way does make vase which you cannot see the podcast. So on gonna shut up. Don't disagree with you just. I think that we're missing You know what i. I would consider sort of an obvious perspective. Which is that. it's not just true. We value but the reality that if you think about gates there as more generally as dr could be sexual drive drive lost. You know that. isn't that often. What makes people great. What sort of you know why somebody is nice. Not just your average in our personal. No like i have a passion of doing something in the world making a difference if this you know maybe i don't know if we call it sexual identity that is sublimated and me directly. Guess call it. Yates aaron general. You know that sometimes expresses itself sexually and sometimes super interesting. I really liked that. Yeah totally yeah. I think that's absolutely true. The non psychologist of the group is the one who came up with that with that. There's different ways to look at this. I think. I think it's a really really interesting you know and i think to the damara asked why at all or not statement you know. It is in the context of a discussion of yates. There which is not limited to sexual although the often reduces. Yates there to the sort of sexual drive. You know i mean there's a metric that says the God saw on the end of the steak he told about. Oh you know that it was very good so the mavericks has told my. Opiates are horror so so which is a very i had on suggestive mattress so someone if eight needs out needs mostly good. Who's the gates are. Har- is good but the metrics actually says work not for the easter hara. A person wouldn't build a a major building and wouldn't get married so sort of speaks about the value of the eight sarah as very constructive creative force that can of course he does Destructive as well right. It is really interesting that i won't talk about. These people aren't when travelling. I kinda soon to as a couple so to a while to realize eleven couple with the other question also is the rabbi assumes. Let the same women he's attracted to everybody's attracted to like that's fascinating into dog south houston guy would have trouble with anyone at all or just this particular women were in. A plastic case was just like any sort of vaguely attractive woman would be at the our material or was it. This woman in particular amend the assumption that this woman was that for this guy as well as an. I don't take down kind of winding back way. But i find that also a little bit amusing and that goes back to what i was saying about you. Know if you have no exposure to something to limit your exposure some bank. It makes it much more tempting. You know it's like What's expresses miami. Vinnie lights right. Stolen waters will arm our sweeter so were or the worst the tax about that. You don't trust the somebody's not have sex with their fiance david for the wedding. Because but you're not worried about it after the wedding right because hospice was at once. You have a bread in your basket. Brad's by basket. Like there was no description of the or desirability of the woman was almost like from like exactly what you said that for a by being so sheltered the opportunity to be with any woman would have been just such a irresistible temptation. You know so exactly back shit up. Yeah i was about to say like was that by was he. Did he have any outlet here and also what was he doing following this couple like. Why is that his job. Follow up and make sure that they don't send creepy is is her giving itself a certain allowance. Like i'm gonna make sure they don't see him. But the there's something very right You know What's word titillating out. I think you know about the possibility of of what's going to happen. Yeah kind of and it kind of reminds me of rory of the of the student who goes under the bed like listen to his teacher have but never knows that story. Well rejects. i use it all. I

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