A highlight from End Shame and Guilt for a Successful 2021 w/Lois Hollis


Further ado. Let's bring to the virtual stage your host. Brian s arnold all right. We are back with another episode thirties. Project in twenty twenty one re going strong and are wanting needing in longing for a successful twenty twenty one but we can only do that if we end the shaming guilt. But lois says how you doing today. Lois i'm good. I'm good good. Lois going mobile today. We have some difficulties with the laptop today. But we're doing okay. She is here. she's going to handle her business and help us with. But this But this topic of guilt and shame but before we do that. Please lois tell us. First of all who. You are personally professionally. I'm seventy seven year old woman. That's going strong. Nice and i was falling down until i realized that shame yield. I call them. Shame guilt. Not shaming yet. I'll tell you why was monopolizing my life and made me emotionally and physically ill. But anyway i clear that up and everybody could understand why i sprung up so well and got younger and happier and successful and i told them what i was doing and they start doing it. And that's how my profession started. It found me. i didn't find it i. Yeah so mother of three girls and they're all living on their own now one's in heaven right now but the other ones are still on earth and I live in waynesville north carolina in the mountains. Amazing okay okay. So what does the current president you're working on at the moment. I'm producing a film and a few weeks and it's called. I'm good and i am making shame guilt. So we all can understand what it is and how to get rid of it. Amazing okay all right. Do you mind telling us before we start getting to really dive in do my youngest. What your daily routine is let the well. I when i wake up i say thank you. Jesus i mean keeping me going okay and what do you have to do today and i usually wake up with an agenda. Of course i have a gender all the time like seo or writing or you know juicing or taking care of my health whatever. But there's always one thing. I gotta do i. I don't know that. Until i wake up and then i I usually have I do a lot of vegetables. Juicing and that's been helping me a lot and some exercise but mainly. It's my diet that i'm pretty well. Focus store and i'm not vegan. I eat a hamburger. I retract. I'm one hundred percent polish. Okay okay all four. The grandparents came from warsaw poland. So you can't tell me. i can be a vegan. I tried that. And i passed out so i have my hamburger but i also drink vegetable juice from the vegetables i get from the farmer and that's been my health thing that i do so i love area habit of it. So listless dive right into this. This eissa guilt and shame. But you say guilt. Shame so let's figure out what the means first of all. What do you mean by guilt. Shame okay. i don't use the end because shame there's a lot of information out there. Shame they say oh. Don't do it guilt. that's okay and helps you become moral but shame works in the unconscious mind. Guilt works in the conscious. Mind so one feeds the other and my pecans on the oh lowest los. I want to get rid of the guilt. And i say you can't get rid of guilt until you get rid of the shame. That's feeding it so this i want to introduce people to a whole different way of thinking about this and this is what my mission is to help. People understand that shane. guild is the same. Now i'm a nurse okay. From for many years. And i can tell you something that You may or may not know when you have a virus in your brain. They called encephalitis. If you have the saviours in your stomach they call it gastritis if you have the same virus in your lungs. They call it pneumonia. Okay that's very simplistic and excuse the doctors there. But essentially i'm telling you that the world culture is wherever the organism virus or conditioners. They named it. Were the place it is. It confused us because we go. Oh we can do shame but we can't do what. Excuse me can do guilt. What we can't do shame. I'm saying they're related. They're together and so once. You know that you're like well. I gotta get rid of guilt too. Because they are twined together and this changes are buying because we're used to separating them and therefore we never get rid of them. Okay all right all right. I liked that. I liked that. So this this dive more into that and so we all have things that we regret some things that are in the past. I was talking about guilt and shame has to be something in our past. That'd be much had to do over. Why why does that. Why does why do these things still linger into our future. Why would we allow that to happen because unconscious. Okay okay. what an and. I'm sure a lot of everyone's been a journey of emotions in health and wellness and the reason why we get so foreign get frustrated is because we don't do the shame guilt work and that's what i'm bringing out to the to the public is that that's the missing core that turns it all on like in business. Oh i can't do that I'll never be able to achieve that. I can't miss set my goals any higher. I'm perhaps knitting. And that's why. I'm so grateful to you brian for allowing me to come on your business show because it's really i We all have to be focused and do the business side of things organization informs and things of that sort. I am not expert. But i am the expert in the shame guilt that stopping us from using the right. Modalities that you present in your. Fill in your podcast. So the shame guilt is this quarter stone of any negative emotions. Now if i may explain please do. We all know we all know what love is. It's happiness we feel. God we feel joy we have happiness we're just cruising in our business right. We're just happy as a lark and we just feel the love and we're happy right now. What i'm introducing is that shame guilt is the counterpart to love. Shane guilt and energy. That comes into us and it turns are positive emotions into negatively. it's an energy that turns our compassion into depression. Turns our intuition into anxiety turns

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