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That's that's a good message when you're not releasing your average selling price anymore because we don't know all we know is is revenue we don't know units and so they're saying no no it was the it was. We sold this expensive ones. Those are the ones we sold. And i'm sure that having more choice than they've than they've had maybe ever in the iphone line has helped An you know they may have over cost the iphone twelve many. But i can't imagine that they would can in one shot. I don't i don't either and i think it's because of people trying to attach old behavior on new situation. If that makes sense i think the mini- the twelve mini exists in a in a universe where there are four or five iphones right. Not every iphone i. I've not every iphone literally can be the best selling iphone right like the more i you make. Some of them will sell better than others. That's how it works. The many exist in a world where apple is making enough phones that they can afford to sell a phone to a niche market. That's the whole point of selling five brand new iphones. They released five brand new iphones in twenty twenty if you can't throw in the second generation. Se write five brand new iphones in two thousand twenty four new iphones in the fall of twenty twenty. It's not meant to now. Maybe it's a total flop and they're like well. why are we even bothering. But i don't think so. I think it's they wanna product line. They wanna range and they want to let people. It's not like it's a different size. But the internal components are the same. It's the same stuff that's in them. And i would. I also subscribe to the policy or the The view let's say that first off the pent-up demand for small phone was blown away by the release of the se second generation in the spring and those people. If they had not had that release they might have waited around and gotten the twelve mini and to twelve. Many people are probably as the twelve people actually the non-pro buyers probably not as likely to be the buyers who rush in first thing. A new iphone is put on sale and by the iphone. If that makes sense the pro buyers are the real phone nerds. I would say again not everyone but i think more ten more of a tendency to be the the tech nerds or like they want the latest and greatest and they want the pro and i would probably guess that the twelve twelve mini will sell better in the next three quarters compared to the pro models than they did in this first quarter if that makes sense mini especially like. I think people who are going to buy that phone their night like not even gonna look for a new phone until spring or summer or something like that. And i'm gonna be like look. There's a little iphone great. And so i think you know. Take it easy pent-up demand for people who are like the most enthusiastic iphone buyers is not the whole market and having four or five phones available means that some of those aren't going to sell as well so i think that i. I think that it's possible that the mini is just a dog and nobody likes it. But i think it's more far more likely that it is exactly what we think it is. Which is a niche product. That is not ever meant to be the best selling iphone. But it's an iphone in a larger collection and it has appeal to a certain market daily update last week. Ben thompson focused on china and with the iphone a lot. suggesting that this could be

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