'Cancer for the Republican Party': McConnell condemns 'loony lies' in swipe at Marjorie Taylor Greene


Senate leader mitch. Mcconnell denounced newly elected representative. Montgomery taylor green on monday. Calling the far-right georgia republicans embrace of conspiracy theories a cancer for the republican party. Somebody who suggested that. Perhaps no aeroplane hit the pentagon on nine eleven. That horrifying school shootings were pre staged and the clintons crashed. Jfk genius airplane is not living in reality said mcconnell this has nothing to do with the challenges facing american families all the robust debates on substance that can strengthen our party the statement comes as house democrats amounting an effort to formally rebuke green. Who has a history of making racist remarks embracing conspiracy theories including cunanan and endorsing violence directed at democrats. It also puts pressure on house republican leaders to discipline her democrats teed up action on wednesday to send a resolution to the house floor that would strip green of assignments on the house. Education and budget committees if house minority leader. Kevin mccarthy doesn't do so i some democrats have called for going further and expelling green from the house an unlikely outcome that would require backing from republicans since expulsion. A two thirds. Vote another option essential.

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