Carly welcome to the show was way getting started. Gives background on yourself. Yeah employed think things for having me. Brian I started out in sales about four years ago I started at memory blue. Which i don't know if you're familiar with memory blue or not but they basically breeding grounds for Inside sales professionals. And i got fortunate enough to work with a lot of technology clients And help them with their inside sales strategy so over time. I ended up Building a lot of really close relationships with those technology clients before i moved onto my new gig element analytics where any sales have to work with Enterprise industrial companies for data management so. That's a quick synopsis. what i do. What was it like. I do know memory blue. And that market is isn't it yeah I have such a close and special relationship. With with mark and chris and tommy and limit he might as well and i wouldn't trade it at all. It was really decision But as most folks no you just have to evaluate where you are in your career before you move on. And i wouldn't be where i am without them at all. So i'm very grateful for the ten minutes had there and i still am really close with everybody there But it was tempering a chapter. What was that like getting out of college and then being thrown into that. Because that's kind of the boy. Yeah it really is. It really is so. When i was in college i went to virginia tech and i studied public relations and i thought i wanted to get into marketing. And what i noticed when i was interviewing or even applying jobs you know. Nobody wanted anybody without experience. You had to have a year or change to get a job. And i stumbled across memory blewett career. They were the only company. I had time to speak with had the career fair and they gave me a chance and to be honest. I don't think. I realized i was going to be cold calling. I don't have you know friends or family and sale so it was really new experience for me But when i was younger I'm a triplet. So i have two sisters competitive growing up and i really found my place at memory. Blue and you know was a transition for the first few weeks but it was so much fun and the environment is very competitive. And that's something that i carry with me today. Was it awkward at first you. You'd never done it before you never knew who done before it was awkward. You know. I remember the first guy the answer the phone i remember his name. I remember exactly how confused he when. I called him. Because i was equally confused. Yeah exactly and over time you get used to that But it was very uncomfortable. And something that i had on my desk and i still think about you know whenever i try news. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. And i think that holds true in every self-sufficient and a lot of things in life so and how long did it take you to get used to it or did you ever get used to it. I think about two months. You know it's funny i. I'm a big people person. I love to talk to people But talking on the song was never a thing that i enjoyed. I wasn't the type of person to call home all the time in school But once they started working memory blue all they all. I was doing most talking to people on the phone. And now i love it And especially in the world today when everything's zoom or you're talking own all day long. I think it's it's great cool.

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