Wilmington Buried In 20 Inches Of Snow From Storm, Boston


In terms of snow. We have been measuring the amounts for you. The National Weather Service is the city of Lowell is reporting 2 Ft of Snow 2 ft. Lot to like about Lowell today. If you like snow now, not far from there. Wilmington, seeing about 20 inches of snow, East, Acton and Hudson, both in that neighborhood as well. Meanwhile, WBC's drama Holland Took out the measuring stick in Medford. You know, some people are comparing this winter storm to the one that hit on this day back in 2015, and that year it seemed to never stop snowing. We'll see what happens today is this thing lingers on and plow drivers look Not easy. I'm kind of hectic. We wet plows actually broken. I'm heading home now. You actually have a broken plow? Yes. How did that happen? I don't know me neither tough time and get this. You drive tow Logan, and you can use a broom, Not a shovel on Lee. An inch there. Randolph. Only an inch South Shore just got a little water on the ground here in Medford. Few inches of snow, and with the temperature's dropping as the day goes on, it could present some more challenges tonight. From a very Sake. Medford, Massachusetts drew Mulholland WBZ Boston's news radio. Yeah, but we can't be fooled

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