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Today. We have a guest who must allow is What we call hitting his hat trick on the on the podcast. 'cause this is fed periods. And that's exactly why it doesn't need any introduction. Masha llah It's our very own. Stop us on joining us this time of actually it said i'm ali consortium while they salamina the law and Doug missile three-time hatrick you get the hat trick. Bonus blades but how you doing okay. I'm very well and I really appreciate been given us all to sit with you. Get an shot lava in Interesting conversation cha thank you for taking the time. I guess i'm in a couple of things that are different from lost. You know the the Fest two times. I guess that you joined us. I guess the first thing is you will with us you know. We were together physically in the same space in the in the studio Now obviously because of events over the pasta zero so You know we have to connect remotely virtually in other words and the second difference. Is that in terms of what we're going to be discussing. Usually we talk about a lot right when we have discussions and today it's not directly related to the hold on. It's more going to be focused on the sierra which is interesting because We haven't we haven't yet on the on the podcast that we've done here had like a proper compensation on this era so i think it's a good opportunity to to get into the of course we've touched on aspects of it but not like a dedicated focus conversation on this year so that should be interesting and before we started recording. Ah realized that You recognize something in my bookshelf. That that we go. I'm pointing at right now. That's my salon salon. Book the heart of the on his commentary and so they seed and we. We are going to speak about books as well today. Write checks and we're gonna talk about some exciting new projects as well. Yes definitely in. Charlotte are super announcement to make Some point jolla. But you know what point you made it in the beginning about how things are different now right so meeting. Virtually and in many ways. There's lots of things got to lose out on the company of each other being one of them and the brotherhood that comes with it But i don't know if you know this but many many years ago i used to work as a pharmacy manager and it was part of a big corporation and read had this appraisal. So you sit down with the guy who's aligned manager took about what you're gonna and talk about what you know other challenges i think is particularly correct that these so basically he the by lineman's game piece of advice and When he said it. That's pretty deep actually and during this whole lockdown and pandemic time that we've been going through that has been ringing in my mind. So basically what he said was awesome. Was what makes a successful business wasn't number one quality that makes us successful business and i was like this that and he's like no. It's actually the ability to adapt house. I interesting he goes yet. Look we're in a crowded marketplace And things are changing all the time and small changes If you don't keep up with them you get left behind very quickly. As a cutthroat business say goes if we adapt continuously to the changes that we will be we will be successful and economic of the business mind and putting that into maybe a spiritual place. I think that looking up. The prophecy salaam for example is a real manifestation of this like you think about how his life began when he's reaching age of fourteen which is usually the comfort zone for many people. He's williston upside down. He's made a profit of law and a messenger to humanity and people that loved him. No hate him. And he's got the way to the world on his shoulders and he doesn't crumble sapan he adepts and every day today because things didn't stay the same from that day until the day passes away twenty three years later What days of loss of sorrow of fighting of dealing with abuse of you know. Unbelievable things happen during his life. So feel like this pandemic Though this so much negativity when you think about it yeah also and there's a lot. There's a lot of positivity we can take chrome especially on that perspective of how the adapt is probably how you succeed

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