Liverpool hit their stride in victory at Tottenham



Six place firs hosting fifth-placed liverpool and this match did not disappoint liverpool running out three one winners for me. no alexander. Arnold monitor the scores for liverpool hoi with a brilliant goal for spurs but that's all they could muster liverpool then move into fourth jump west ham. Four points off the league lead spurs sitting six eight points behind league leaders manchester city. Steve nicol shocker. His life jurgen klinsmann with us tv. How good we're liverpool. Today i think on the team were there. Were excellent. you talk about open attack football. That's exactly what you go. You talk about creating chances. That's what you saw you got. Three goals disallowed and you other opportunities that maybe could have made this school lane way. Bigger than actually funny stop is with your first and six choice a box and then james melda then five year old. He's probably fourth choice in the middle of the park. I mean what performance really to dispose and play the way they did School the goal fantastic performance. You're going to attack has been slipping of late liverpool. What was the difference in this one. Well the defense was Liberal group created more chances and finish them off as well. I mean who who knows what would have happened. If someone's goal in the third minute would have been a regular goal by divorce rightfully so it was disallowed. But if that would have been the lead for spurs maybe different story. But i think than liverpool really controlled the game Scarlet three beautiful goals. Even if you know part A spurs pack but they never created enough throughout the ninety minutes. It was obviously a big blow to lose hurricane at halftime if injury again so deserved victory from liverpool cobble of outstanding performances from their side. I look at Tiago first and foremost he played an incredible game and obviously they have their strike spec scoring going forward shock. Oh what are you. Come away from this match. More impressed with what liverpool did or disappointed in spurs performance impressive what liverpool dead given given the issues that liverpool had come into the coming into this one as tv rightly pointed out. But at the same time. Don't don't let that disguises five. That i am hugely disappointed with so much about spurs on the performance today against this liverpool team who you know kind of makes if the time i thought spruce threatened to dominate the midfield. Because never pool. Don't have any real Baldwin's in their own midfield as as always with sonnen key and In they're talking line. They looked so bad on the counter attack. Key don't missy has to come off but then you look at what liverpool dead or semi spinach allowed them to do and the buildup to the first on robinson is allowed ten yards into the swiss hard before anybody thinks about getting clueless to picks out the pasta. The one player who's been running behind them all game long. And then it's a defensive mystique by dial for the second goal. Laurie should have done better tough but he wrote on should have done better And in the end despite the fact that maybe you can Yourself with the fact that he three goals three defensive mistakes liverpool despite all issues were by far the best team. You're gonna any issues. The spurs approach sounded well in all. They obviously almost called the goal. It was allowed for for someone. But then throughout the entire game that didn't create create enough hurricane until he obviously was subdued then because of the injury Was never really into the game. And it's it's just simply not enough liverpool. Look like they could score. You know every minute. I mean we had a couple of opportunities already in the first half and Obviously when you didn't have individual mistakes can happen in philly especially in the first two roles then You really look bad at the end of the day. Stevie i suppose proof today the an order for them to win games. They can't go to over the proper football team and we can't in utah men behind the ball. Then they can do that and it can break on you. But this became an open game and can't do an and jozies komo after the game and pretty much has not had one world appraiser liverpool only said is all the mistakes they made. Well let's say the mistakes and made is because of the pressure would because they were so open that the defenders can't handle it and liverpool school goals so listen supposed to meet today proved exactly what thought torty taw against the proper team. Not good enough. They have they have to sit down with the ball and try and be clever and get on the attack.

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