Wendy Williams Shares Alleged Details on 'One-Night Stand' With Method Man


We never left. Wendy Williams recently did an interview and out of nowhere unsolicited told the world that she hooked up with method Man. Yes, me to get Joe D. Danny. Two way were in the club. I said to him, you know you want to come over and he said, Yeah, people didn't even realize at the time it was Wendy and one of the biggest stars just left and went back to her penthouse where she baked him in her Jacuzzi. Tub and smoke more. We, you know that was back in the coke days. I don't remember what he did. I'm not gonna implicate him on that. Did you guys go all the way? Yes, OK. Wendy withheld Robb Stark. The fact that you bathe him is a little weird, but also why? Why now tell that story. Could it be that you're trying to promote your movie That's about to release Oh, no, Wendy, you cloud chasing Listen, Wendy went the hell are you going to learn when he I hate to do this to my elders. But when you're 56 years old Your whole grandma. Anybody want to hear about their grandma gain their freak on during the Great Depression. Talk about the 19 twenties went the only thing that were roaring. Get it, Warren Twenties, No. And also how you gonna do Method man like that. Don't blow off the spot because you want your movie to pop alleged drug use one night stands possible cheating left was minding his business. And now you have to hear about the time he got to smack and ended up wooing your tank. All right, Also a minute to the world. That it was a one night stand is that many? That it must not be not good, because it meant the men got a taste. I never went back for the cream. Oh, that's last. It must have been trashed. Sorry, Wendy, But please enjoy another well seasoned, never kiss and tell l because your order is up at least number one for hip hop, baby

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