Most Americans want to break up Big Tech



Americans may be more divided by politics than ever. It feels that way but it also turns out there's one thing that most republicans and democrats can actually agree on and that is breaking up big tech. That's according to a new poll from vox and data progress. Vox pulled over a thousand voters this january for their thoughts on the big tech companies and recode. Ronnie mullah is you're talking about it. Hey ronnie hey tiny so. Give me the quick skinny on this poll. What did we ask and we find. We asked a lot of questions about people's opinions about big tech companies And turns out most americans tech companies the amount of power they have in the economy is a problem and also think that it would be a good idea to break up these tech companies. You know have facebook spinoff. What's apper or instagram. Make amazon not able to be both a marketplace and a seller on that marketplace. Okay so there are two questions question. One is is big tech too powerful or is it a problem for us economy. Is it a problem. And we've got Fifty nine percent of democrats seventy percent. Republicans think yet and then on the second question about whether we should break up big tax or the solution. We've got fifty five percent. Democrats saying that sixty one percent republicans saying so right and this is just so rare. This day and age to have bipartisan consensus on anything. Yeah it's interesting in this poll. That republicans are more anti-big tack than democrats on both questions. They are Both republicans and democrats are anti-big tech but for kind of different and almost opposing reasons. It has to do with their opinions of about speech. Democrats seem to think that these platforms aren't doing enough and then republicans are thinking that there's too much censorship on these platforms Okay so different reasons. Same solution. Yeah so this is starting to not just be a theoretical construct right. We have google and facebook being sued by the states or the ftc or the justice department. Nothing exist in a vacuum right. There are public opinion pressures. I wonder what this polling means four policy outcomes. I mean not. It's not as if the justice department. The ftc in the states are going to do something just because people wanted but you get more public officials that are elected based on advocating for this type of stuff There is a way in which the politics of this can affect policy outcomes. No right. i think it's just politically popular and this poll shows it. Surani you as a couple other questions to Talk to me about the question. You guys about banning trump on twitter and what democrats and republicans about them. So is one where we're back to normal and democrats and republicans had completely different responses republicans. Think it was a terrible idea that twitter band trump and democrats thought was good idea And obviously That's more normal Super fascinating poll has a lot of implications. This question is not pulled that much right. I mean. I haven't seen anything like this before we did a couple years ago and This is already once lawmakers. Were like looking into these antitrust actions. It's interesting there hasn't been antitrust action against the tech company for you know twenty years since microsoft so this hasn't really been on our minds now. There's five different antitrust actions against facebook and google alone so it's definitely on the public consciousness.

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