Ghana buries former president Jerry Rawlings with honors


We saw the white man out. Colonial power was as our enemies. But i think no not that. I think something that is worse than an enemy is a traitor. See crowds paying homage to jerry rawlings. As he lay in state at the accra international conference center this week have been passing coffin which contains multitudes africa's post colonial decades have furnished. Many leaders recalled occasionally with a shudder as brutal military dictators and a few others thought of more fondly as visionary democratic reformers. Jerry rawlings ghana's longest serving president was both rowling's died back on november twelfth age. Seventy three according to some reports of covid nineteen the delay until this week for the appropriate observances to be enacted. His state funeral is scheduled for wednesday january. Twenty seventh has been due to a number of factors the covid nineteen pandemic ghana's presidential and parliamentary election in december. Two thousand twenty and a subsequent squabble over. Who should be in charge of rolling send-off and implicitly his legacy it all got a bit unseemly. Some of rowling's old party threatening if their opponents then in government buried rowling's they dig him up and bury him again. Rowling's the son of a ghanaian mother and scottish father made his first grab for power in maine. Nine thousand nine hundred seventy nine. He was at the time a thirty one year old flight. Lieutenant in the air force he and a group of other excitable young officers attempted to through the incumbent. Military dictatorship led by lieutenant general freight who had overthrown. The previous military dictatorship led by general kutu. Achy pong a year previously. If only and this company everybody might have rare. is that the reds hot bird. The birth of serving others however rowling's plan had not been thought all the way through rowling's arrested and swiftly sentenced to death rowling's comrades proved better jailbreakers than coup-plotters in june nineteen seventy-nine. They sprung rulings from prison. They wasted little time in staging another coup vis one successful and showed no mercy in consolidating their position a kufo gm pong and another former head of state left ten general across the a free for will hustled in front of a firing squad so eight other senior military officers. Hundreds more rowling's enemies died or disappeared. In less formal circumstances the threat to the unity of the nation was real. If we had not acted the way we did. The nation could have faced total disintegration. In the circumstances we have the supreme price in the conviction that it was the only way to save the situation and to leave a lasting legacy for ghanaians yatom born and that when one attains the highest office of state once you learn to serve the people and not lauded over them and be prepared at all times to account for the stewardship.

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