As mining causes roads to crack and houses to collapse, a Swedish city is moved

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Thirty years ago a mining town in sweden looked like running out of jobs. The question what could they do to reinvent their industry so they asked a very clever scientist. She answered build a space station and they did. The town was killing and by the way it's within the arctic circle now the space station up and running and doing fine. The next challenge is moving the whole city. And that's what the sign show is about today. And how you move buildings and thousands of people and do so in the lapland. Guide is an homes who lives in sweden and once reported for sbs and there are many stakeholders involved in extraordinary project of moving the city of corona the iron ore mine elke ab municipality the government the politicians the urban planners the architects and other experts and not least the people and all their say but there is one major participant. That is absolutely instrumental in making. The kid and i moved project at all possible. And that's the royal institute of technology in store co. and that's where you come in professor cars. Yes i've been a professor at the institute for a very long time and by chance i met the mail you care not in two thousand twelve and we started discussing urban planning and then i suddenly got an invitation to move to cure now to take responsibility for making a plan for the new. The city had to be relocated due to the fact that the iron or production demanded removal of the city. How did it all start them. Start with the mayor and what she saw as urgent was to make a plan that met the expectations of the residents. Because when you are forcing people to leave their homes they expect something. Really good as a replacements. You said you have to work taking something very attractive and so you are in a very short period of time because we are in russia time wise and then what happened. I'm urban planning urban planner. All my life doing theoretical work in this was. I just couldn't say no to so i immediately pack my bags and move here now. Yes but how did you decide that that was necessary. Did you decide that. He wasn't enough sitting in your office. No no theoretical stuff. No now the challenge to do this all in practice and doing it in reality of course demands are in place to meet was so important to meet with all these stakeholders not least to meet and socialize with the residents of care in order to really make sure that would i create in. My plan was something that met their expectations about the out for me on the new city. How was it to move from a capital in sweden. And your job to small town above the arctic circle t different worlds different two different worlds. I mean the first thing was that whether is so different. So i came up. I was met by snow. Snow snow and darkness. This was the winter and it was freezing cold. And he's a little town very few restaurants very few cultural activities. How did that feel. It felt strange but immediately realized that in order to make this feasible and enjoying myself. I need to socialize with people and people took me for snow. Mobile rides to out fishing of walking in the mountains and became a part of cultural life in catering. I gather that you quiet. Almost rock star status after a while now and not drugstore status but became very familiar. Face here's the guy who is removing the with any animosity from people. in general. the first reaction was here. Comes this guy from stockholm. He's going to make our planet size that he's awesome academic with provides Even more skepticism. But as i met with people is behind our dialogues about new city and they saw plans for the new city merging. They became more and more positive positive. So walking from the office to my home recalls a twenty minute walk. I could very often meet with. Oh the new seat the town square. We saw the town square. It looks so nice or people say oh wonderful that you're rains parking for snow as we need that

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