Miami Heat to use COVID-sniffing dogs to screen fans at games


Doses on hand. Which doesn't go far when the state is vaccinating around 80,000 people per day. The MBA's Miami heat are using coronavirus sniffing dogs to screen fans who attend their games more on that from the A. P S. Julie Walker. A video on the heats website explains the process. But 19 detection dog will screen everyone in line by simply walking past and shows the code that sniffing dogs in action. If a dog signals on you by sitting down, you and your group will be directed out of line and denied entry, the Heat's Matthew Jafar Ian says it's just one safety precaution, along with the option of Rapid test as well as a mandatory health questionnaire and mass researchers are finding that especially trained dogs can detect Kogan on humans quickly and accurately. Specific dogs are also used at airports in Dubai and Helsinki.

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