Arizona reports 7,316 COVID-19 cases, 169 more deaths on Saturday


7360 new coronavirus cases 169 new deaths Today in Arizona. More than 20,000 new diagnostic tests were reported as well. Hospital metrics appeared to least be trending down a little bit as the state's largest hospital network says that's a positive step. Banner help hospitals will partially resume elective surgeries starting Monday. The surgeries that will go forward will be those that Do not require more than a one day stay. Do not require ICU care and those surgeries that our outpatient on Lee Banner helps. Dr. Marjorie Vessel says. This comes after the number of covert 19 patients at their hospitals peaked on January 15th. We have seen a slight decline since that time, but her hospitalizations are still 700% higher than what they were in November. 1 Griselda City No, Katya, your News

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