USD's Reserve Status, the Eurodollar System, and International Trade ( w/ Lyn Alden & Hugh Hendry ) - burst 09


That a lot of countries fall into anti china's currently currently rounding that turn like a race car and so the question is how are they gonna flip off the rails. Are they gonna they going to do that. To improperly and shift to more of a consumption based models in that process you know instead of just constantly reinvesting there there are surpluses into treasuries. They've you know. Basically emphasize hard assets around the world wide as lynn. Right the in the first decade of this century the us more steel in in in a decade the united states did in one hundred years. Why did they need hard. Assets wealth mainly they want commodity exposure because china's a big importer of commodities and so the commodities could be as cheap as chips to the chinese if the allowed renminbi to treat volley the allowed markets to push it to lab with whereby they didn't have that comparative advantage

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