The first highest is not the Kansas City Chiefs. It's the Green Bay Packers


Or you could even say maybe that the bills got more than more than enough because they got previous weight out of the deal, but either way All teams here got a quarterback who is their franchise guy is the guy that's gonna lead them through the next 10 years. But I do think that Eventually at Alan probably has cast to get a Lombardi to for people to say and and to kind of lose. The stigma of I can't believe they gave up are they gave up the pick that became Patrick my home, So I think that's always gonna be there. Because it won't matter anymore of Joshua Alan was a Super Bowl salad also could maybe depends on like how with the bills were to win this game today, it's when it comes to al Inverse Mahomes and that debate because again the bills traded out of the pick. That was Patrick Homes in 2017, but it's also like the way you win today. If anyone goes toe to toe with the homes and the bills win this game, I don't know. I mean, 40

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