E spoke with Chris just hours after President Biden was sworn in.


Thousands of troops on January 20th as Joe Biden became the 46, president of the United States. On this hallowed ground. We're just a few days ago violent sought to shake the capital's very foundation. We come together as one nation. Under God. Indivisible. Carry out the peaceful transfer of power as we have for more than two centuries. It was a peaceful transfer of power. It was also an historic day with Kamila Harris becoming the first woman and the first black South Asian American to become vice president David Harrison solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States. I will support and defend the Constitution of the united against all enemies. Oren into It's against all enemies, Foreign and domestic. The question Now are we closing the chapter on the violence of January? 6 the insurrection at the Capitol or Are we entering a new period with even more upheaval? Many reporters who cover the inauguration had that on their minds, including Chris Jones, so we're walking from billing process. Seo, Pennsylvania Avenue and forth that's usually about a 15 minute walk. So far. It's taken us 25 minutes, and we're about a third of the way there. Wait. Chris is a reporter with 100 Days in Appalachia and part of report for America. Lots of journalists and body armor and helmets being told they can't go through. It was pretty cathartic. E spoke with Chris just hours after President Biden was sworn in. Chris, you cover the insurrection on January 6 and you are back today There were huge concerns about the potential for more violence. It must have seemed pretty surreal. It definitely felt like the polar opposite city. Then it was on January 6. The more that I would most described Washington D C Today was empty. You really felt the massive military presence as soon as you started hitting the city limits close. You got to the capital, The harder and harder it was to get around. You would have to go through five or six checkpoints just to get from one end of the mall to the U. S. Capitol building. Some of the militias and extremist groups were talking about today. Like like it was an apocalypse, the fall of the Republic, the end of America and yet All that on the line. They seem to stay away from the capital. Why? I think it ultimately comes down to three main reasons. The first reason Donald Trump is gone. He's no longer in Washington, D. C and he didn't give any of these groups and he explicit or implicit guidance on what he wanted them to do on Inauguration Day. The

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