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Coverage by tailing Ramsey on that side, Rodgers takes fakes. The handoff looks to throw lots it down the middle, Lissa He's gone. He is gone. Touched up the Packers with dagger 31 19 was just trying to stay present, especially this year as much as anything just Or enjoy the moment and then I hope there's more opportunities, but I don't know. I mean, I really don't know that stuff that in my control. My future is a beautiful mystery. I think That is Aaron Rodgers talking about mortality, his football mortality. And that His football future is a beautiful mystery, and I think there's something to be said for Rogers this season being more at ease. Maybe be more comfortable with whatever is going to be, he said That quarantine forced him to kind of do some introspection. Meditate, look within himself and ask what is it that I want to accomplish? Because a lot of off seasons before that he had been distracted by intellectual curiosity, travel and things like that, and it said. Misfortune, just be by himself and have to sit with them. Drafting. Jordan love the franchise drafting his His replacement. When I say this could be Roger's last great chance of a Super Bowl. I mean, look, you've gone back to back 13 in three seasons. So who's to say that they can't do that again next year or the year after that, but Two things right Play number one. Rogers is 37 years old. So you just don't know. Will Rogers be this created 38 this great 39 Certainly breeze and Brady prove you complain to your early forties at a really high level, Brady still still doing it. What Not everybody is Aaron Rodgers. We're now seeing 38 year old Ben Ralph this burger towards the end Eli Manning at the end and Philip Rivers at the end it all those guys are only a year older. Aaron Rodgers. Number two Rogers never has had back to back seasons. This great at least will win percentage. He did win a Super Bowl in 2010, and then follow that up with a 15 and one campaign in 2011. But he has never had back to back. 12 win seasons. In fact, the last two years he's gone back to back 13 win seasons. Point here is that it's hard to be 13 and three It's hard to be 13 and three or better. In fact, before these last two years under Matt Leflore, Mike McCarthy had only been 13 3 or better once that 15 and one campaign So this is a great team. This is a team with home field advantage that has been very rare. In the Packers 10 year with Rogers He's played on the road in the NFC Championship game at Seattle. He's played on the road A of NFC championship game in Atlanta last year on the Road NFC Championship game in San Francisco.

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