Out there in and talking to the public. Um, you know, and making the case


They're taking leading roles and explaining what the administration plans to do. That's that's really a sharp change from the prior administration. Were former president Trump really was his spokesperson on every issue. Certainly Biden is delivering remarks every day. But his appointees air really delving into the details of how this administration plans to operate, and there's other people that he hasn't played. But what about the people that he's trying to get in place? I mean, those have to go through the Senate. How is that process going and what's the latest on? You know, the power sharing negotiations between Senate Democrats and Republicans will be Sochi. So so to abidance Cabinet cabinet nominees have been confirmed so far. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and National Intelligence Director Averil Haynes on a Zafar is the power sharing negotiations for the Senate of their hung up right now over debates about the filibuster. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants Democrats to take the option of getting rid of the filibuster off the table. But Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has said that's unacceptable. NPR White House correspondent Aisha Roscoe Thank you so much. Thank you. So we're

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