Ep. 269: The Art of the Wig with Stylist Kalief Wolfe

Fat Mascara


Jen hi. I just hi welcome to fat mascara so exciting exciting thursday episode because we have a lovely expert in the house and it's a hair person which i was looking back and i was like. Wow we have done you guys a disservice. We've not had a hairstylist on in quite a few weeks and we got to kick it off and twenty twenty one with an awesome one. We have tells about khalif jess okay. So here's here's the scoop. Khalif wolf is one of the names you need to know. Khalif is a queens based celebrity. Hairstylist he has worked with ashanti he has worked with winnie harlow. He is not only a hair styles but he really is. Specialty is wigs and we. I just can't believe we haven't had somebody on the show and all are episodes. That really is a master of all whigs so he is gonna take us on a journey. You know how wigs how are made how their installed really Just take us on a ride here. And i am so excited because i really think that we're going to be hearing and seeing a lot more from khalif in the next. You know ten years beyond so really. He is one of the biggest names to know right now. Khalif thank you into the virtual fm stewed to the island queen. Leave taken all right. Let's do it so we

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