How Will the Outcome at UFC 257 Impact Conor McGregor’s Fighting Future?

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Is on the way but do not forget. We have the monster fight. Saturday night this saturday. The return of the notorious conor mcgregor. Ufc two fifty-seven taking on dustin perea fight island in abu dhabi. Mcgregor spoke earlier this morning. Our time take a listen. I know a hell of a competitor. I notice questions here. He's heavy he's zupan. he's on a different way. he's experience. I feel i can do it however you know. There are question marks garden conditioning. And things like that. I know his team has been spouting about the condition and that i have put in a lot of work to get myself correctly to the one hundred fifty five pound frame. I got forty seconds inside the octagon and twenty twenty which caused major frustration. In my know

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