Biden announces mask mandate for federal property, interstate travel


The virus bite in signing a mask, mandate for federal property and interstate travel mask up For the 1st 100 days. The next 99 days. He's also issuing new travel restrictions. Everyone flying to the United States from another country. We'll need to test before they get on that plane. Before they depart and quarantine when they arrive in America. Biden has promised 100 million vaccinations in his 1st 100 days. Growing irritated when asked if that's too little higher than 50. Where the U S is right now, when I announced that you all said, it's not possible. Come on, Give me a break, man. Good start 100. Years later in the briefing room, Dr Anthony Fauci laying down this gold, but with a big caveat. If we get 70 to 85% of the country vaccinated. Let's say by the end of the summer, middle of the summer, I believe, by the time we get to the full, we will be approaching a degree of normality. You're saying by the fall the majority of Americans you think we'll be back to? No, I didn't say that. I said, if we get The majority of Americans 70 85% vaccinated by then we could have a degree of herd immunity that would get us back to normal. The concern I have and something we're working on. Is getting people who have vaccine hesitancy who don't want to get vaccinated. The

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